brucas enamorados {2, Black} My favourites out of all the iconos I have saved on my computer. Your favourite?

Pick one:
now that tu know, what tu know
tu hit the bullseye baby, tu hit my corazón
i had a dream that we were dead
and i´m burning black in my lung
look at her with her eyes like a flame
it´s not fair to be compared to tu
always the one who has to drag her down
babydoll, did tu believe i'd catch tu when tu fall?
help me, save me, tell me that the end is near
i´m never gonna dance again, the way i danced with tu
hold on, if tu feel like letting go
and i will pull the trigger
i think is used to be someone, now i just stare into the sun
there´s nothing wrong with just a taste of what tu paid for
maybe a liquor store o two will keep the gas tank full
tu only hear the música when your corazón begins to break
now we are the kids from yesterday
she´s on a bender, but she ain´t gonna break
run neon tiger, there´s a lot on your mind
 freakiin_ruby posted hace más de un año
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