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This brucas enamorados icono might contain ropa de calle, ropa externa, ropa exterior, violeteras, prenda exterior, chaquetón, chaqueta de guisantes, peacoat, and chaqueta del guisante.

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First of I wanted to thank EVERYONE who participated in this & tried to answer the question. I'm sorry it took awhile, but I was busy with school & I hope everyone is fine with the outcome of this! So here are the BLL AWARDS 2011;

1) BLL Spot Awards:
1.1 Ultimate examen Maker: Dany
1.2 Ultimate Pick Maker: Dany
1.3 Ultimate icono Creator: Jess
1.4 Ultimate fan Art Creator: Ally
1.5 Ultimate Video Creator: Jess
1.6 Ultimate articulo Writer: Dany
1.7 Best Oldie: Jess & Holly
1.8 Best Newbie: Chelsea
1.9 Most Faithful to the Spot: Jess

2)A: BLL fan Awards:
2.1 Biggest Brooke Fan: Jess...
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