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bdavisrocks posted on Jan 13, 2012 at 11:01PM
So, many people seemed interested in doing a group activity where we pair up and write an article including everyone on the spot. If you want to read more, the link is right here.

I just thought that it would be easier if I could see who was participating and who they paired up with in a forum, so if you wanna participate, join below! And if you've found a partner who you know well, or are in need of a partner, tell me that below as well.

Also, I had an idea that some people could double up on descriptions for those who aren't too active lately. Just so that, if they become active again, they haven't been left out. :)

Comment below! :)


Rochelle & Holly
Brenda & Chelsea
Ally & Dany
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hace más de un año PurpleMonkey82 said…
awesome idea, Sam
i`m def participating. & I`m paired with Holly
by members that aren`t active do you mean people that haven`t been here recently or in a long time because there`s lots of fans of this group that never really say or do anything.
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hace más de un año bdavisrocks said…
^I meant, people like Terra and Nem, who I personally don't know that well, but maybe some BL oldies might. It was just a thought, so that if anyone does come back, that they'll be included in the article. But only if people want it that way!
hace más de un año alwaysforever said…
So in :) and I'm paired with Chelsea :D
hace más de un año PurpleMonkey82 said…
^^ yeah, I think it`s a great idea. I didn`t really know them that well, but most people on here did. so i`m sure someone will have something to say (:
hace más de un año Dean-girlx said…
I'm in! :) I'm paired with Dany!
hace más de un año freakiin_ruby said…
I´m in! ♥ ...I just don´t know who to pair up with yet :/
hace más de un año Jessica4695 said…
I would be in as well, just not sure with who atm...
hace más de un año xoheartinohioxo said…
I definitely think that's a great idea Sam!
hace más de un año Dean-girlx said…
When this is due/going to close? :) I know we're still in the sign up stage but i'm one of those OCD people who needs "due" dates or approximate due dates. xP forgive me for my OCD! ;P
hace más de un año freakiin_ruby said…
i´m paired with kir now :)
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