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freakiin_ruby posted on Sep 07, 2011 at 01:09PM
...I guess we all know how life, situations, people & just simple facts in general can really piss you off sometimes;
That´s why I thought It´d be nice to have this place were everybody could just let of steam & rant about anything/everything that´s annoying. (We can agree with each other and be angry together! =D)

Should I say "have fun" or "calm down"? =P

...also, this isn´t here to start any fights.. *glare*
 ...I guess we all know how life, situations, people & just simple facts in general can really piss yo

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hace más de un año Kackahaluzova said…
Hm how about when you are so kind and friendly to someone else and after some time starts to fight with you.
hace más de un año bdavisrocks said…
Cool idea, Francy! I might be on here a lot, lol.
hace más de un año freakiin_ruby said…
So. This so-called "friend" of mine (Monogamy-girl, to be precise)... turns out she´s had nothing better to do the last half of the year than to walk around talking shit about my best friend, like what a slut she is/how slutty her clothes are/how huge her ass is etc..
And seriously?!? She freaking expects me to be her friend after that? Did she think I wouldn´t care?!
Okay, so I´m pretty sure she thought I´d believe her "I DIDN´T SAY ANYTHING HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF SUCH EVIL STUFF" speech, but well as matter of fact, I know she said an awful lot, without the tiniest bit of truth in it. Also, it´s not like I haven´t watched her try to manipulate the relationship of my bff & her crush last year. (Y´know, telling Ankee that her crush hates her even though he definetly said he likes her. A lot.) I did go talk to her about that, too, but she always does her innocent poor little girl routine, ´cause it´s the only thing she´s able to pull off.
So today she asked me if I was angry at her & because of what, so I told her why I hadn´t spoken to her & that I don´t believe her that she´d never go talk shit about my friend. (She does talk crap about pretty much everyone though, except me, because she´s scared she´ll loose me as her friend. GREAT PLAN BITCH.) Then she acted super-offended, telling me to shut up & leave her alone. LEAVE HER ALONE? REALLY? I wasn´t even going to talk to her, at all, until she asked me why I didn´t. Since i had better things to do, I just told her that she´s a whore & I´ll see how this all turns out tomorrow.
I really hope she sends me one of her insanely superficial three other friends to defend her, I´ve always wanted a reason to slap those bitches.

WHEW. I´m just so angry right now. I knew I´d really really really need this forum myself. :D
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hace más de un año Jessica4695 said…
^ i know many people like that ... :/
you never know if you should slap them or ignore them :P
hace más de un año freakiin_ruby said…
^ yeah, well, she´s started to take it all out on other friends of mine, so that slap may just turn into a punch next week =P