brucas enamorados Spot look Change.// {OPEN SOON}

Jessica4695 posted on Jul 21, 2011 at 07:28PM
Hello guys ;)
We decided in link pick that we gonna change our spot look once in a month.
The choosen girl will decide what will be on the banner & such.

Here you can submit all the banners & icons.

August Spot Theme
link Jess
Themes : BL ; Brathan ; Nathan ; Dramione ; Ronmione
Spotlook : link

September Spot Theme
link Dany
Themes: BL ; Chophia ; Fall out Boy ; Lionel Messi ; Bob Marley ; Dylan/Kelly
Spotlook : link

October Spot Theme
link Ally
Themes: Dean Winchester ; Dean & Sam ; Brucas ; Caroline ; Caroline & Stefan
Spotlook : link

November Spot Theme
link Cat
Themes: Naley ; Destiel ; Wincest ; Misha Collins ; Doctor Who
Spotlook: link

December & January Spot Theme
link everyone
Theme: Christmas
Spotlook: link

February Spot Theme
link Rochelle
Themes: Brucas ; Brittany&Santana ; Jack&Kate ; Caroline Forbes
Spotlook: coming soon

 Hello guys ;) We decided in [url=
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