Bath Salts

A New Mexico company is selling "bad" blue, meth-looking bath salts in honor of the AMC TV mostrar "Breaking Bad."

The Albuquerque-based Great Face & Body is selling a line of bath salts that look very similar to the pure meth sold on the drama mostrar filmed in Albuquerque.

The bath salts come in 8-ounce plastic bags and are called "Bathing Bad" bath salts.

Co-owner Keith West-Harrison says he and his partner Andre came up with the idea last week.

"I just got an correo electrónico from the UK saying, 'How much would it cost to ship me these?'" West-Harrison said.

He dicho the product is a mixture of cabbage, baking soda, salts and oils. It sells for $10 a baggie.

He dicho creating the product was all in good fun.

"We want to pay homage to the show," he said.

West-Harrison dicho a portion of the sales are going to a local domestic-violence project.

The mover to sell the bathing salts influenced por the mostrar follows a similar trend por others in Albuquerque. One dulces store is selling "Breaking Bad" meth sugar dulces and a doughnut comprar is selling meth doughnuts with blue dulces on top.

Cooks are Keith & Andre West-Harrison