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posted by AmandaWard
Name: Amanda Louise Ward

Age: 17

Family: Is the twin sister of Harry Ward.

Best subject: English literature

Worst subject: Math

Freetime: Amanda has been figure skating since she was 4, she is now doing competitions.

Looks: Amanda is tall and thin, has light brown hair, and has blue eyes.

Relationship: Currently single

Favourite music: Pop music, adores MIchael Jackson. Mostly listening to 60,70,80,90's music, like The Beatles, Queen

Favourite movies: Action and spy movies
posted by MissAriaS
Aria Smith is one of the new teachers at Bolton High and teaches English. When she was young she was a student at Bolton High herself. Aria is passionate about English and the famous people who contributed to it.

When Aria was young, her step father beat her and sexually abused. This made her vulnerable to the students when teaching and cannot contol the class easily. Aria is 21 when she comes to work at the school.

The head teacher and Oliver help her at school, they know about her past life and how hard it was for her. They are helping her develop self confidence and an ability to control the class and others.

Aria has blonde hair and blue eyes.
posted by AnnaCarlson
Name: Anna Juliet Carlson

Age: 16

Parents: Her parents are divorced, she lives with her mother Isabelle.

Favourite subject: History

Least favourite subject: Math

Siblings: She's an only child.

Other: Anna likes to study hard, she always has her thing in order, because her mother is very strict about her school work, and expects her to get good education, like any other parent.

Looks: She has green eyes and dark brown hair.

Speaks: English, French, and Spanish.

Music: Anna loves musical theatre, and classical music. But she doesn't mostrar it much.
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(I do not own anything about this song)
(I don't own anything about the song)
Alfie teaches art for the 11Th año students.

Name: Alfred "Alfie" Lucas.

Age: 35

Relationships: lost his wife to cancer, has a daughter aged 9, called Monica

Music: Classical, opera

Favourite artist: Claude Monet

Looks: Brown hair, Blue/Green/brown eyes

Favourite movie: From hell (2001)

Favourite composer: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Personality: Alfie is a good teacher, and is very good at children and teenagers. He is kind, but if tu dare anger him, he get's very angry.

Other: When Alfie isn't a teacher, he sings opera on a professional level. His voice range is Tenor. He loves canto high notes. He plays the piano, and guitar.

Alfies canto
posted by JasmineGracely
jazmín Gracely is the daughter of Charlie and Penelope Gracely, sister to Jamie Gracely. She is in the same año as Jamie but is not his twin. Jamie is born in September and she is in August. jazmín was an unexpected baby.

Her best friend has Melody Rivers since the start of high school, they have grown up together. She likes to go out with her friends but she and her brother always have an eye on each other.

Her hair is blonde and her eyes are blue. Her parents argue a lot and her father is alcholic and smoker. He has a bad temper and sometimes lashes out at her mother. Jamie and jazmín don't know about it.
posted by MikeEvans
Michael Evans is the eldest of the Evans' children.

He is 17 years old.

He is tall and thin. His hair is dark brown and his eyes are bright.

His parents, Mr and Ms Evans, are divorced and he and his sister Dinah stay with Mrs Evans.

His best friend is Dinah, who tries to be with him all time since the doctors discovered last año that Mike suffers cancer. He also has friends in his class, like Liam Hale, his other best friend.

Mike adores listening to music, specially rock, and he was the one who gave Dinah her first CDs with música of Led Zeppelin and Metallica.

Due to his illness, he can't go to school so, he tries to help his sister with her homework.
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