libros para leer This is my book lista (from present to future Edited at least two weeks after I finish a book on my list)

Mimi_Booth posted on Oct 20, 2009 at 01:06AM
Summer reading:
Vampire Academy 1-4

what i just finished:
Vampire kisses 1-6
(more to add when i cross off my future book list)
Future book list:
Vampire Diaries 1-4 (own)
206 Bones (Kathy Reichs)[based off of bones first season)
Wicked (part of series) (own)
Bone in the Thought
Dead until Dark (true Blood books)
Love And Death, and Close to the ground (angel books)
Hallow's Moving Castle, and House of Many.
Born of Night
the last two books of Vampire Academy
and the last two books of Vampire Kisses.

(I love suggestions)

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