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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
yeah tomorrow my family and i are going to be out so i wont be able to post if my turn comes up tomorrow
hace más de un año tetsudragon said…
whiteflame-im ready, don't have anything else to do.
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hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
skip me
hace más de un año tetsudragon said…
so whos up next??
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
I believe you are sir.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
tetsu, it's your time to shine. I'll give Canis a while yet before I just put him in the next lineup, but since you're here, have at. Only thing you have to know in the story so far that probably affects your characters (at least your captain) is that I said all other captains were out on missions. You don't have to be out on one, but if you're not, you're most likely just coming back from one.
hace más de un año tetsudragon said…
all right then:


Kimi: Captain!
(in 8th squads barracks)
Kimi: Captain!
(In the 8th squads captains quarters)
Kimi: Captain!
(In the court-yard)
Kimi: Captain!
(At the four gates)
Kimi: Captain!Captain!Captain!Captain!
(Everywhere except the gate to the world of the living)
Kimi: Captain!Captain!Captain!Captain!Captain!Ca­pta­in!­Cap­tai­n!C­APT­AIN­!
(at the gate to the world of the living)
Kimi: Oh,there you are captain!
Ryuu: You knew I had a mission,Why didn't you look here first!You almost blew my eardrum off yelling captain everywhere!
Kimi:Thats not very nice,I had something important to tell you!
Ryuu:What is it?
Ryuu:(closes his eyes and starts twitching)Thats what was so important?
Kimi:Well,yea,I think its more important than orders issued by the head captain!
Ryuu:What!! Orders From the head captain!! What are they!?
Kimi:Now I'm not gonna tell you because you were being so mean!
Kimi:all right, calm down short stuff[I'm not short!!]It wasn't really orders,[your shorter than i am!!]It was a meeting.
Ryuu:(Calms down)A meeting? About what?
Kimi: Apparently the leader of the organization that has been attacking our supply routes infiltrated the soul society and said they wanted to help us because the people that hired them went over the line.
Ryuu:Thats not justice,but i can see the captain commanders point.Who hired them anyway?Wait! arrancar?
Kimi:(nods head)I know its not right, but it was the only thing we could do at this point.Sooo, what was your mission like this time?
Ryuu:killing hollows,But they were low level.there were 2 menos though,and a lot of the low levels.The activity is increasing day by day.By the way,Have you considered becoming my lieutenant yet?
Kimi:But i don't wanna!! I didn't even want to be the third seat!!
Ryuu:(looks alarmed)Ok,Ok,don't cry.Just think about it,Ok?How about we go back to the barracks?
Kimi: Ok,But i want ice-cream!
Ryuu:Fine!,Jeesh,you can be such a pain.(starts to walk toward barracks with Kimi)

End hope i did a good job.
Ryuu: That was the worst excuse as a chapter i have ever laid eyes on.
Kimi:Yea, you didnt even say what type of ice cream i wanted!!
Narrator:i did the best i could,dont kill me
Ryuu: too late.(procedes to kill narrator.
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hace más de un año tetsudragon said…
hoped you guys liked it,cause i nearly got killed by imaginary Rp shinigami.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…

Fun stuff. Canis, if you see this message, you're up next. I can't give you 24 hours at this point (since a lot of people are really anxious to post...myself among them), but I'll give you a good chunk of time. I'm living on East Coast time, so that's what I'll go by. If by tomorrow at, 3 PM you haven't posted, then we'll start the order over again (meaning that LOBOS is up). If you don't feel ready to post, that's fine too, just mention it in chat so we can move on.
hace más de un año CanisDirus212 said…
OK! here I go,

Btw, quick description of Jin. 22 years old, 6'2, Blonde shaggy hair that doesnt go past his eyes( pokes him in the eye at the worst of times) Green eyes, athletic build but non-bulky. Duty and honor bound when it comes to missions, but has the bad habit of pulling stunts on missions in order to make them more challenging. but off mission hes a fun loving, kind person. Likes to bond with squad members. cares deeply for gotei 13 and especially for his squad. Wields the zanpakuto " Canis Dirus" ( described on page 85)

"Yes, Captain Commander!" they said in unison,

Zane and Jin turned and walked out of the meeting room, a new mission set before them, and just the kind of mission that Jin prefers, Unpredictable. No one, not even the Captain Commander, knew what to expect.

As soon as they cleared the door of the meeting room, Jin gave a small chuckle.

Zane: "What is it?" as they continue walking down the hallway,
Jin: " Did you see his eyes? The Captain Commander?"
Zane: " What about them?"
Jin: " He's tired, but I would be too. If bad memories came to haunt me out of the blue. We all have enough to deal with here in the present, we can all do without extra load."

Zane: " I suppose your right. But speaking of extra load, are you sure you'll be alright for this mission? you did just return from one, correct?"

Jin: *laughing* " I know that I havent been a captain for terriby long, but the fact remains that I am a captain of the gotei 13. If I am needed, then I will deliver. So you noticed it too? His hesitation to send me?

Zane: "Yes, but the fact that he sent you anyway shows that he trusts you. *laughing* Or maybe he just wanted someone to keep me company!"

Jin: * laughing as well* " Of course! that must be his plan, sending us both to keep an eye on each other!"

Zane:" how long has it been since you were named captain? coming up on two years now? Since you were appointed 11th squad captain there have been some serious changes in your squad."

Jin: *turning serious* " before I was named captain, stretching all the way back to Zaraki Kenpachi himself, the eleventh squad has been seen as the "combat specialist squad". what a joke, all that meant was the meathead brute squad they sent in first as cannon fodder. I wanted to be named 11th squad captain for presicely that reason. I saw unused potential where others only saw brutes.
I have worked hard to make my squad into what it is today. We still go in first Captain Zane, but the difference is that now we get sent in with confidence in our ability to get the job done, even if we dont know what to expect. Theres a reason why we are called " 11th commando squad". "

Zane: *laughing* " hahah, I suppose your right, but remember. we've all been training you know, none of the squads are anything to laugh at....."

The 8th squads third seat kimi flys by the two captains, now outside. apparently searching for her captain.

Zane: * chuckling* " My, my. certainly alot of activity tonight...."

Jin:" even if most of it is unwanted....."

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hace más de un año tetsudragon said…
Ah,i forgot to put the stats for my third seat!!!Here they are:
Hand to hand:20
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hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Alright, good job pulling together so many pieces of the story Canis. Now it's LOBOS's turn (we start all over, so the order goes back to the beginning - LOBOS, jstar, me, QuickDeath, Hadez, gokuluigifan, tetsudragon, and Canis). I'm thinking that when we get to fights, we'll disregard the order for brief stretches to finish them (having too many fights at once would just get confusing), but for at least this next cycle or two, I think we'll still be setting up the story.
hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
i finally read everything and thanks for introducing some of my characters
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
yes its back to me baby :)

---the pack----
Crow had finally arrived back to Ace of X secondary base, which for the time being was a run down arcade. It wasn't what most would call home but it was their home. As he walked in he saw his "family", playing Ms. Pack was a 22 year old girl she was, over by the claw game was a 15 year old girl and 16 year old boy the boy was trying to win the girl a stuff pig, in the back was a 40 something year old man reading catcher and the rye and hiding by the boy and girl was a big man about 40 years old as he walked in they all notice and greeted him.

Everyone: Crow welcome back!!!
22 year old girl: (runs out Crow with arms open and leaps towards him in a comical fashion) My Love you have return I miss you so much!!!
Crow: (comically moves out of the way causing the girl to crash into some boxes) Hello Toni
Toni: (rubbing her now bruise parts looks at Crow with a pouty face) That not very nice to do to your future wife
Crow: (offering a hand to help her up) Well what did i tell you about jumping at me like a spider monkey?
Toni: (gets up and gives him a quick hug) Not to do it
Crow: (walks over to the 15 and 16 year old) Ah Leo smart move everyone knows that the way to a girl pants is to win her a stuff animal. (winks at Leo) Isn't that right Leigh-Ann
Leigh-Ann: (is so embrass she pulls her oversize hood of her jacket over her face and runs to her "room")
Leo: CROW!! Now I got to go explain you were just joking
Toni: (throws a stuff animal at Crow head) You jerk you will apoglize!!
Crow: Ok ok, say where is everyone?
Toni: They went to get supplies Sephiria said this place was not battle-ready
Crow: (Walks back to the skeeball machiene places his stuff down and lays on it placing his cowboy over his face) Well that just like her to say. (Looks at man reading) Ah Catcher in the Rye Roy good book
Roy: Well I need something to do sir that isn't midn rotting video games. Did you have any trouble getting back sir?
Crow: No I did have some soul society trash follow me home but I lost them in a forest
Voice: I don't know why you went there I say we go to hueco mundo and burn it down
Crow: (looks over at the racing games) Ah Saito I didn't see you there
Saito: (appears from the racing game holding a bear) We were attacked we should burn that place to that ground, and kill everyone of those arrancar bastards!
Crow: Ah Sai that to much of a effort you need to stop worrying about things
Saito: (the bear now burst into flames) AND YOU NEED TO WORRY ABOUT THINGS YOU ARE WAY TOO LAZY!!!
Everyone looks at Crow and Saito
Crow: That arrancar is way to powerful for any of else right now let those soul society losers deal with him then when he weak we will make our move now Sai go relax its getting hot in here. The one thing that weird is that I sense Miruko after I left
Roy: Miruko do you mean...
Crow: Yes Miruko the Crimsom Death Seal, and of the Rising Sun. I don't know what he wanted but it looks like there a new player in the game. (senses something) Toni tell those shingami outside to come in I hate creepers
Toni opens the door and Isao men appear in front of it. Everyone draws guns and aims at them
Crow: Woah everyone relax (everyone lowers their weapons. Crow sits up and looks at the guest) The one thing I hate more then Soul Society is when its trash gets stuck to my foot and follows me home so I suggest you better start talking or there will be problems

the end I hope you enjoy this one it shows you more of my group jstar you are up my man btw if you guys want me to post about a new character I reveal in this let me know
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hace más de un año jstar18 said…
Nice post LOBOS, though it does change where I wanted to go but I expected this. Here I go!

(In the shadows watching the meeting between Ace of X and Soul Society, sits a man wearing a blue hoodie with the Rising Sun pattern on the back)
Coran: Things sure are getting interesting. I better inform Asoka!

( Far away in a dense forest sits an enormous cave underneath a waterfall. A huge mansion sits inside the cave and is the current base of the Rising Sun Army. Miroku arrives at the base of the waterfall.)
???: What took you so long? (Miroku looks up and sees a beautiful lady sitting at the top of the waterfall, she is wearing a purple hoodie with the Rising Sun pattern on the back.)
Miroku: (laughing) Sorry about that Asoka, I know how much you hate waiting. (Asoka shunpos down to Miroku and presses her sword to his neck)
Asoka: (In a scary voice) Then why did you make me? (Asoka presses the sword harder on his neck.)
Miroku: (Waving his hands trying to so how sorry he is) I didn't do it on purpose. There were some people trying to follow me so I had to throw them off. I wouldn't dare let anyone threaten that pretty face of yours. (Asoka puts her sword away and lowers her head)
Asoka: In that case, (Asoka looks up, smiles and gives Miroku a hug), glad to see you returned safely. So how did the talk go?
Miroku: Well we didn't fight so that is a good sign. It seems that the hollows are preparing something big for Soul Society. I'm just wondering what Crow and his team will do?
Asoka: Crow? He was there?
Miroku: Oh yeah I should probably tell you everything. (Miroku tells Asoka everything that happened)
Asoka: Man this all sound crazy. Do we have any info on the Arrancar?
Miroku: No, but Coran told me that Soul Society found his hideout so I told him to follow them and get as much info as he could.
Asoka: Good, no one is better than Coran when it comes to spying.
Miroku: Yeah but I am worried. They sent two captains to find Crow, one of them being Zane.
Asoka: Zane! Well this is getting interesting. We should go too.
Miroku: Why?
Asoka: Zane was your best friend and you haven't seen him in 10 years, I think it's time for a reunion.
Miroku: Fine! We will leave as soon as Coran's Hell Butterfly contacts us.
Asoka: Well speak of the devil, he sent it a long time ago. I was just waiting for you to get here.
Miroku: Okay, lets get going then. But first I want to see what those three want before we go. (Asoka and Miroku vanish)

(Somewhere deep in the forest)
Chiyo: Why have you stopped searching Titus?
Titus: Because, he is coming to us now! (Hideaki and Chiyo seem worried) Keep your guard up! We don't know what to expect from the Crimson Death and it seems like someone else is with them. (Miroku and Asoka appear in front of the three.) Damn, my zanpaktou is shaking just from the sight of these two.
Miroku: So how can we help you three?


Okay Whiteflame, you're up.
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hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
hahaha i luv how im suppose to have this sercet base and now everyone knows where it is. And how am i stuck in a arcade and you have a manison behind a waterfall??
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
Hahaha. Hey you put it there man. I just wanted to be exclusive.
hace más de un año CanisDirus212 said…
I just noticed something, some of the characters of lower rank have higher stats than those of captain or higher rank. Are we basing the stat system off of the expected level of a character based on their rank? or are there just going to be insanely strong lieutenent and lower ranked characters running amuck?
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
Who is ranked to high?
hace más de un año CanisDirus212 said…
no one is ranked too high, as long as we understand that each stat is based on the expected output of the characters rank. Like, if a lieutenant has a shunpo stat of 100 and a captain has one of 50, the captain will still be able to move faster than the lieutenent because they are in fact a captain and therefore on a totally different level than anyone below captain class
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hace más de un año onix11 said…
So what is this story that is going on. Give me a short description.
hace más de un año onix11 said…
Let me rephrase. What do you have to list and what has happened so far?
hace más de un año CanisDirus212 said…
it starts on 85. just read it. its 1000 years after the events in the series. sorry, dont have time to explain right now. gotta mow the yard
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hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Perfect lead-in jstar, that's exactly where I wanted to start. This one's going to be big (going to be addressing all of my characters to one extent or another), but there's some juicy stuff in here :D

Hideaki felt them coming, and purposely put his guard down after suppressing his initial shock. As Miroku asked his question, he slowly placed his hand on each of his ally’s shoulders, trying to keep them calm. Chiyo seemed to understand, but Titus’s grip grew stronger.
Hideaki: Good to finally meet you Miroku. We’ve heard great things, and were looking forward to meeting you in the fle…
Asoka lunged at him, fire in her eyes as she moved to strike him in the chest with her blade.
Miroku: STOP!
Asoka stopped just an inch away from piercing him, though Hideaki hadn’t moved an inch. Only then did she see the needle positioned almost directly against the skin of her forehead, and a fist positioned against her side. Despite their differences, he could always depend on those two.
Miroku: Asoka, these are our guests, let them speak their peace.
She backed off with a glare, sheathing her weapon and moving back to Miroku’s side.
Hideaki: …As I was saying, it’s an honor. We come here with no intention to fight. In fact, we’re here to pledge ourselves to your cause.
Asoka: Hmph!
After a sharp glance at her, Miroku: I know none of you are exactly fans of Soul Society since you left not too long ago, but how can I trust you? No one knows why you left, and neither you nor your “friends” were very reliable.
Chiyo: I have no interest in your little squabble with Soul Society. However, we are in need of your assistance. We offer our services as fighters in your army, but in exchange, you must agree to help us with a mission into Hueco Mundo in the near future. We happen to know that you don’t have the forces to take on either Soul Society or the arrancar, but we can provide that.
Shock and outrage painted Asoka’s face, but Miroku remained calm: What exactly does this mission entail?

(Isao’s Chambers)

The Captain Commander awoke in a cold sweat. His eyes were red with lack of sleep, but every time he closed them, he saw the nightmares as though they were tattooed on his eyelids. No, not nightmares. He remembered them all too well. Scenes of fights long past, fights that forced him to wield the true power of his zanpakuto. It brought a shiver down his spine.
He looked out the window at Soul Society beneath him, wondering if he had really protected it. All he ever saw in those hallways was death. “Control your own destiny or someone else will.” The words echoed in his head. He had constantly heard them from his zanpakuto form, Odin. And he knew their meaning all too well now. Loss had taught him more than he ever wanted to know. Destiny? What a cruel joke.
Slowly he turned around, noting that his vice captain had once again fallen asleep in the most awkward of positions. He sighed, trying to put the nightmarish visions out of his head and quell the voices that would not stop calling his name.

(Among the charred remains of a city in the human world)

Yuxtaposición: How I wish to be/Among the stars in the sky/Among harmony…
She let out a long and exasperated sigh, trying for the tenth time to remove a stain in her clothing. Haikus weren’t helping. She envied the very sky in its pristine glory, clear of clouds and unmarred by the scene below. She could hardly bare to look around her, it was so… off. Why did Rey send her away from Hueco Mundo? Everything seemed balanced there, everything in accord. She would have to do something about him, but that would have to wait.
She forced herself to look around. The sooner she found this loathsome ant who had brought her out here, the sooner she could go back and change into something decent. She felt so out of sync with her clothing like this. She had found so many hollow around, but none could give her a decent account of what had gone on here.
Yuxtaposición: I’ll just have to keep looking.
Her sonido kicked up massive amounts of dust as she moved from place to place, careful to check for the slightest imbalance in the scene around her while avoiding any further damage to her clothing. She had been at this for over a day, looking for some sign of whoever this was she was tracking. A dead shinigami had helped her ascertain his general position, but he seemed good at hiding himself. Suddenly, she felt a small spike in energy far off to the east, though she could hardly tell what it was. She sped off into the distance toward the source.
Yuxtaposición: Cherish your last moments, soon they will be over…
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hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Argh i dont know where to start off..........-_-
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hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Heh, don't feel the need to follow me directly dude. Your characters are pretty much freed up to pick their own direction. Take them where you will.
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Hey Hadez are you the lieutenent of whiteflame and if so whats the chracters name?
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
I can answer that. His name's Satoshi, and yes, he is the lieutenant of my squad.
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hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Well i finished but im gonna post it tomorrow morning cause i really don't feel like posting it now. Heh
hace más de un año CanisDirus212 said…
your selfish. its awesome. hahaha
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
I'd call you a douche for doing it, but you're continuing to delay the release of more info about that final ability, which makes it awesome. Hope everyone's enjoying those tantalizing clues I gave.
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Well, you're a douche I can appreciate...because it kinda makes me a douche. Don't worry, we'll be douches together!
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Cool, just to say the next post might suck lol im really bad with posts >.<
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Well here it is >.< It might suck so yea......

Amiro woke up after his first full night sleep in a while and looked around the room as if he had never been there before.
(Amiro thoughts): I better go report in to Head Captain" So he vanished and went to the 1st squad barracks. He then walked in and saw no one but the lieutenant of squad 1 sitting at a table near the Head Captains desk doing paperwork.

Amiro: "Hey Satoshi, where is commander Isao"
Satoshi: "All I know is Captain Commander Isao went out to talk to Crow and his group"
Amiro: "Thanks Satoshi but would you have any idea where that hide out may be?"
Satoshi: "No sir, I'm sorry"
Amiro: "Heh no problem, thanks any way, see ya around." He said when he was walking out the door waving his hand.
Satoshi: "Bye Captain Hikotora."

With that he exited the soul society took look for Commander Isao. As soon as Amiro exited the gates of the soul society he sensed Commander Isao spiritual pressure.
Amiro: "You can tell where that old man is from a mile away" He murmured to himself as he Flash stepped to the commander’s location. When he got there Amiro landed in a tree close enough so he heard and saw everything that happened in the area of the abandoned arcade which appeared to be Crow's new hide out. After the whole ordeal Isao and the group of soul reapers vanished to go back to the soul society and Amiro followed.

Amiro entered first squad barracks for the second time that day and this time he saw Captain Commander Isao and his lieutenant sitting in their chairs filling out paperwork.
Amiro: "Well that was an interesting ordeal back there." he said with a smirk
Isao: "What do you mean?"
Amiro: "Back there at the arcade where you went to talk to Crow."
Isao gave a quick glance to his lieutenant which was a sign to leave, Satoshi then quickly hurried out of the room. When he left Isao began to talk again.
Isao: "How did you know I went over there?" He said agitated
Amiro: "I hid in a tree near the arcade, I WAS going to tell you I got back from the mission you sent me on, but I saw you and Crow start talking so I listened in on your conversation.”
Isao: "Yes about that....." Their conversation went on for about 30 minutes and then it finally ended.
Amiro: “I see well whenever you go to talk to Crow take me with you this seems interesting."
Isao: "Fine, fine but can you leave now I need to finish the paper work."
Amiro: "Whatever you say boss." Amiro then vanished to go back to his own barracks
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hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Hadez it's your turn :D
hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
wow i didnt expect to be put in to this rotation just cus i said i wasnt gunna be able to post yesterday and i expected things to go faster. ill post in a sec once i come up with some ideas. im having trouble keeping track of whats going on with the arrancar already so if somebody could simplify it for me thatd be awsome
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Oh sorry i didnt see that post >.<
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
ok so if it gets back to me before the end of the day may i have a extend on time ill be at a party most of the day so i may have to wait till tomorrow to get on and besides there alot i need to address now first was the first meeting with isao's men and then the meeting quickdeath posted with isao himself and so much more btw iin my next post be prepare for new characters AND WHAT DOES EVERYBODY KEEP FINDING MY SERCET BASE GEEZ WHAT DO I HAVE A SIGHN THAT SAYS I AM HERE
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hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
yeah i just realized i never even made one of my characters and just made his zanpaktou. so here is what im going to do, hte character i made for my gravity blade is going to be in the soul society, and the character i made for the madnes blade is going to be an outsider, anybody who wants to use either go for it, my next post will include the gravity blade and i still need to make the madness blades character, but if u want to use him for characteristic refrences pretty much fallow Zaraki Kenpach in behaviour and his name will be Mordikai
hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
any way here is my post.

In middle of human city

Joshua: This should help a bit. (Josh finally wraps his arm in a torn piece of cloth to stop bleeding) Man I’m wiped, and now there is some arrancar chasing me, could it get any worse. I need to hide somewhere and heal. (Joshua then runs in a series of patterns heading east.) Something like an empty building should work; that way if I do get caught nobody will be hurt in cross fire. That looks perfect. (Josh then lands on the roof of a run down arcade, immediately after landing on the building Josh can feel the presence of a lot of highly powerful people. Concentrating for a moment he forces the spirit threads to appear and notices they all are red) I guess this is how it could get worse…or maybe better. (Josh then heads back towards the arrancar who has been chasing him and from his maximum range fires 2 arrows just pass her head)

Yuxtaposición: Damn you, you ant. Ill kill you for getting me drug out here. (Yuxtaposición leaps into a full speed pursuit)

Joshua: Catch me if you can. (Josh turns and runs back towards the building of shinigami.) (To self: I’m not sure I have the power to pull this off but it’s worth a shot)

Yuxtaposición: Got’cha (Just as Yuxtaposición’s hands are about to grab Joshua’s arm Josh vanishes and lands back on the arcade)

???: What the hell is out there
???: It’s an arrancar and something I don’t recognize

(Joshua materializes his bow from his Sanrei Glove and focuses all lingering spirit particles into what looks like a semi solid arrow. Yuxtaposición then comes in from behind him with her blade drawn and swings at his waist. Joshua does a back flip while notching his arrow and points down at Yuxtaposición and fires, the arrow is within centimeters of Yuxtaposición’s face but misses and crashes in the roof of the arcade. Josh then runs west at full speed.)

Soul Society in Captain Commander’s office

Akihiko: Damn it Isao, why is it that I'm not allowed to be a captain yet. (Akihiko wearing normal shinigami clothes smashes the desk with his fist and the wood caves) I have the power and the ability yet nobody will support my being captain.

Isao: (Obviously annoyed) Hold your tongue brat. You may have a zanpaktou and the power of a captain but you never even went to the academy, I’m still wondering where you got that uniform. Now get out of my sight.

Akihiko: I refuse (Akihiko puts his left arm on his zanpaktou and widens his stance)

Isao: Satoshi get this one out of my sight immediately, I have not the patience to deal with him.

Satoshi: But captain, he has a point, he’s a rather skilled fighter..

Isao: Satoshi stop avoiding your duty and do as I say.

Satoshi: *Sigh* Alright Akihiko I think it would best if we give captain commander some rest, he’s had a stressful time as of late. (Satoshi puts his arm on Akihiko’s shoulder)

Akihiko: (Drawing his zanpaktou and slashing at Satoshi narrowly missing his mark as Satoshi steps back casually) I REFUSE! I will not leave till I get my position.

Satoshi: Now no need to get all angry. Ill talk to Isao for you later after we get some paperwork done. (The whole time Satoshi is talking to Akihiko, Akihiko is swinging at Satoshi and Satoshi is dodging the blade by casually side stepping each swing.) You know getting mad isn’t gunna help.

Akihiko: I’m tired of setting on the sidelines

Satoshi: Ill see what I can do but I think its best if you were to give Isao some space.

Akihiko: …*sigh* Fine (Akihiko then turns and walks out of the building)

Satoshi: It seems that the recent events are getting to everybody.

Isao: Yes it does seem that way.

hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Hey, it's an arcade LOBOS, you should've seen this coming! Shinigami love video games!

Looks like you've put my arrancar in a precarious position, not that I have a problem with it (her focus on balance thrives in precarious situations). Anyway, for anyone who does post about her down the line (thinking of you LOBOS...since apparently we've found your hideout too...gotta get a new crib dude), realize that she's not exactly the kind of person who initiates combat without reason. Kind of likes the balance involved in noncombat more than the uncertainty of combat.

Oh, and in terms of posts, it's fine if it's a bit later, especially considering that I'm decently uncertain as to when I'm going to be able to do another myself.
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hace más de un año tetsudragon said…
Whos turn is it
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
gokuluigifan333's actually, then you, then Canis
hace más de un año tetsudragon said…
k thanks
hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
yeah i thought itd b funny to drag a couple more characters to that arcade
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Now EVERYONE knows where Lobos hide out is
hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
not quite, 2 of my characters dont and the rest of arrancar dont know till white flames arrancar reports, but theres no garentee that that will happen
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Heh, if she doesn't return, I can give you two possible scenarios:
1) she stays of her own volition
2) a whole lot of people are about to go down with her
hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
i definatly prefer the second scenario just cus it sounds like itll be the more interesting of the 2