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Name: Blaze (or Princess Blaze if tu prefer to be formal)

Nicknames: N/A

Race: Cat
(If tu choose to get technical and perhaps try to exact her particular *breed* of cat, then it would be wise to note her light purple hide lacking of any significant markings, lithe and compact form, and yellow eyes since they resemble the platinum dilute color of the Burmese breed, which in the UK is known as the lila Burmese breed: lila is a form of purple.)

Gender: Female

Age: 14

fecha of birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown region on a parallel version of Sonic's world

Height: 95 centimeters (3 feet and 1 inch)

Weight: Unconfirmed ("Don't speak of such a thing")

Physical techniques:
(1). Axel Jump
Description: The Axel Jump is very similar to the Spinball jump except it invokes a different form. Upon leaping off the ground, Blaze is able to spin horizontally upon her axis and enshroud a capa of flames amongst herself, as if taking the form of a flaming spin-top. The attack enables más vertical range than the spinball jump, but en general, general serves the same general purpose such as destroying enemies o penetrating barriers.
In-game debut: Sonic Rush, nintendo DS, 2005

(2). Burst Hover
Description: Somewhat of an add-on maneuver to the Axel Jump. When in mid-air and assuming the Axel Jump formation, Blaze is able to maintain her airborne status and hover adelante, hacia adelante fairly quickly, o even change direction from side to side while in the air. It is comparable to Sonic's Jump Dash technique except it is slightly slower and has longer duration since Blaze can hover about for a few seconds. It is ideal for quickly hovering over pits o mowing through enemies while in mid-air.
In-game debut: Sonic Rush, nintendo DS, 2005

(3). Burst Dash
Description: Blaze's equivalent to the acclaimed Spin Dash technique, except it instead adapts to her Axel Jump formation instead of a ball. After charging up, Blaze is able to accelerate off at a very fast speed; spinning away to mow down enemies. However, it is not as long-lasting o potent as a well-charged Spin Dash.
In-game debut: Sonic Rush, nintendo DS, 2005

(4). fuego Boost
Description: Blaze's greatest acceleration move: at will, Blaze is able to burst forward, enshrouded in flames and instantly achieve blinding speeds upon lifting her foot off the ground without virtually any acceleration delay. However, it greatly depletes her tension and stamina.
In-game debut: Sonic Rush, nintendo DS, 2005

(5). fuego Jump/Spinning Claw
Description: While airborne during her Axel Jump, Blaze can burst adelante, hacia adelante in a sudden jolt of speed in a linear path, and when an enemy o object is near, the jump can be used to inicial right into the nearby enemy o object with extreme impact power.
Only used in: Sonic the Hedgehog aka Sonic Next, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sonic PlayStation 3, 2006

Abilities and aptitude:

(1). At the top, of course, is Blaze's extraordinary pyrokinetic ability to control and manipulate the element of fuego in any way she pleases; whether it be to capa herself in walls of flames, summon pressurized blasts to come bursting out of the earth o merely create it in the very palm of her hand. She can even use the ability to enhance her speed somewhat. Her ability to manipulate flame is so advanced that she is even entirely resistant to certain kinds of fire.

(2). In spite of her slower speed and agility, Blaze is still astoundingly quick on her feet and on her wits, granting considerable nimbleness. Also, her catalog of unique and dynamic attacks exploiting her fire-conjuring powers is most certainly a force to be reckoned.

(3). Has the ability to aprovechar, arnés the power of the Sol Emeralds and transform into Burning Blaze, where her pelaje, piel turns to a glossy, light red pastel color the markings at the parte superior, arriba of each of her feather-like hairs on parte superior, arriba of her head disappear and the fur-lined cuffs on her gloves and shoes burst into glistening, wild flame-like fabric and she is impervious to damage and is many times as fast and powerful along with the ability to fly. Different to Sonic the Hedgehog's transformation into Super Sonic, she cannot enshroud her charging form in her aura but she gains the abilty to conjure and throw immensely powerful balls of flame.

(4). May have some form of limited psychokinesis, as evidenced por her ability to levitate for long amounts of time when bored o standing still.

Hobbies and talents:

(1). Has much potential in the athletic field considering her impressive dexterity and knack for grinding among other sport activities.

(2). Awesome acrobat; especially when performing complex and difficult tricks in mid air.

(3). So far, seems to be the only one who knows how to tap into the power of the Sol Emeralds and has knowledge of their capabilities.

(4). Being royalty, she has much knowledge on the various aspects of her world and of the Jewelled Scepter.

(1). Blaze, even though she may have learned the importance of friendship, is still antisocial and timid to a fault.

(2). Is scared of heights.
Physical Appearance:

- Lavender pelaje, piel
- White, smooth pelaje, piel muzzle and melocotón skin inner ears
- Vibrant golden eyes
- pelaje, piel forms into two large side-facing spikes that are tufted twice at their tips
- Four long tendrils of hair resembling feathers in shape are tied down and spiked up at the parte superior, arriba of her head and are tipped in violeta
- Large, perked and alert ears
- Small black, shiny nose
- Long tail tufted at the violeta tip and is bent acutely in the middle


- Appareled primarily in a very extravagant violeta dress bordered in gold-like segments at the collar (could actually be a necklace) and trimmed in magenta around the flaps that cover her waist and hips
- Very form-fitting, contoured white trousers
- A pair of white-gloves with dense, fur-lined cuffs
- A pair of magenta high-heel shoes with durable, silvery soles, white strap accents, and are embraced at the parte superior, arriba por dense fur-lined collars
- A red, glossy ring to bound the four tendrils of hair at the parte superior, arriba of her head together
- A mysterious red gem is embedded on her forehead: it has no known meaning o significance
- When riding Extreme Gear, Blaze wears a rather tight-fitting collared violeta body suit with a white zipper and yellow lines on each arm, leg and across her chest area. She also wears a pair of magneta boots with white collars (May be socks) and a wide white band across where the parte superior, arriba of her foot would be along with a pair of white gloves with flared, fur-lined cuffs and a ring beneath each cuff made from an unknown black metal

Items & weapons: N/A

(1). Flame Lance
Description: An Extreme Gear whose maker is unknown, the Flame Lance perfectly befits the elegant princess who rides it. It has the ability to transform into a grinding gear. It has a good parte superior, arriba speed but poor cornering ability.
Personality details:

Coming from an alternate world, of course, gives tu the 'oddity' benefits you'd expect, and one Blaze the Cat is por no means an exception. Shrouded in mystery, Blaze from the start has always been a shy, unreasonably solemn, and painfully antisocial girl. She is oblivious to what it means to have friends o someone to care about and vice versa. the fact that she was pciked on for her abilities when younger didn't help either. Her sworn duty has led her down a path towards the cold guardian of the Sol Emeralds she is now. Although, timid to a fault, she is stubborn as a mula and has a burning passion (pun somewhat intended) for watching the Sol Emeralds combined with a genuine sense of motivation found only in a true diamond in the rough. It wasn't until the final showdown with Dr. Robotnik and the mysterious Eggman Nega that Blaze had finally learned the true meaning of friendship.

Although, much más friendly, Blaze is still on the reclusive side since she knows the utmost attention must be paid to her duty and she can't risk making friends with the wrong people. On a side note, she is able to adopt a big sister role, soothing her closest allies and providing intelligent and wise advice, something her partner Silver could attest to when he knew of her.

Historical biography:

Blaze the Cat… guardian of the mysterious Sol Emeralds and Princess of her world, bound to a task that demands a cold and reserved tolerance. For there is no risk to be taken that would possibly endanger them o let them fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately for her, the incompetence she held deep down would thus rear its ugly head, triggering an impending disaster to which there could be no return… unless prompt action was taken.

Hailing from an alternate dimension, the Sol Emeralds are a crucial testament to Blaze's world, much like how the omnipotent Chaos Emeralds are crucial to Sonic's world. But unfortunately for her, they were stolen por an inexplicable figure. Oddly, he resembled someone she knew very much. The red capa and toothy grin could be considered a dead giveaway to reveal this madman's identity: it was indeed Dr. Eggman. But if Dr. Eggman came from an alternate world, who was it she knew that resembled him? A meager puzzle such as this was most certainly the last thing on her mind, as it was now her responsibility to salvage what was once her's.

Soon after pursuing the mustached old man in red, Blaze found herself overwhelmed por a radiant white light, waking up to an inhospitable environment — inhospitable in the sense that it wasn't even her world! Sonic's world was now the turf to which this clearly motivated guardian was bound. After speedily finding her way through a massive amusement park, Blaze was confronted por none other than Dr. Eggman himself. Idle chit-chat was not on her agenda, so rápido, swift and far-from-finished retribution was served mercilessly to the thief of a scientist, resulting in the clumsy dropping of a single Sol esmeralda from his Egg Mobile. Naturally, Eggman sped off to continue his "master plan" while Blaze retrieved her first Sol esmeralda — six más to go!

Hunting for the Sol Emeralds wasn't going to be a walk in the park with Eggman involved, but a beacon had emerged from the darkness in the form of a young and impressively well-mannered rabbit we know as none other than Cream. Who was this intruder? Interrupting BLAZE'S search? She could be a spy… a sentry dispatched por Eggman to act vacant and vulnerable when in actuality… who knows… it could be anything. The paranoid Blaze had timidly greeted the rabbit, always holding the defensive. Tenaciously, the persistent youngling had insisted on bringing her new feline friend to her inicial to have té with her mother.

Before Blaze knew it, she was sitting there sipping from a cup of té for reasons beyond her knowledge. She had work to do, she thought. She was wasting time, she thought. Why is she sitting there drinking té with these people she doesn't even know? After a very quick 'tea party' of sorts, Blaze and Vanilla agreed to let Cream guide Blaze around these parts during her quest to retrieve the Sol Emeralds she had longed to once again lay eyes and hands on.

After numerous run-ins with Dr. Eggman and even Knuckles, Amy, and Sonic himself (who all of these people couldn't help but rave on about, needless to say, it began to aggravate the ill-tempered cat), Blaze was but a mere notch from achieving her goal since she has now secured 6 of the 7 Sol Emeralds. But alas, fate intervened and Cream was captured and held hostage por Dr. Eggman. Finally accepting their budding friendship, Blaze went to free Cream herself and eventually did. At the same time, she managed to finally procure the 7 Sol Emeralds. Her mission was complete, but the war was not over… she couldn't go back inicial for some odd reason.

Before ALL of this, apparently Dr. Eggman had established contact with his alternate world counterpart… the Eggman of Blaze's world, known simply as Eggman Nega (image). The two were in cahoots and concocted an elaborate scheme to go for the Sol Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds and use their inexplicable relationship and attraction to each other to gain ultimate power. During this, the space-time continuum began to rupture, causing Sonic and Blaze's worlds to combine into one, thus Blaze's arrival onto Sonic's world. However, this situation had más consequences than advantages.

Sonic & Blaze soon found this out once she managed to confront Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega together. But there was one problem… what of the Chaos Emeralds? Where have they been? Turns out, unfortunately for Eggman and Eggman Nega, Sonic had been in on this whole snafu as well along with his trusty buddy Tails. And what did they manage to collect? None other than the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Ever stubborn, the dastardly duo used a giant mecha known as the Egg salamandra to knock Blaze out and extract the power of the 7 Sol Emeralds she had to power the gargantuan metal monster. Yet, stupidly, they left the emeralds there. Sure, they were colorless and lackluster, but as we all learned from the episode with Chaos & Tikal, we know that it doesn't mean anything when they are colorless.

With the incentive speeches from Cream, Sonic, Tails, and Amy, Blaze managed to learn the true meaning of friendship. Overwhelmed with a state of relief, Blaze gazed in awe as the glow of the Sol Emeralds returned in reaction to her new moral discovery and the guardian had finally unveiled their secret. Sonic, harnessing the power of the Chaos Emeralds entered super form along with Blaze harnessing the power of her corresponding Sol Emeralds. Together, they dismantled Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega's precious mecha and thus saved the universe from being turned into a nasty Eggmanland of cosmic proportions. Falling in defeat, Eggman and Eggman Nega leave the scene as Sonic and Blaze say their final goodbyes.

Blaze has learned a valuable lesson: good friends are hard to come by, but they are most certainly not an asset of life to be neglected like she has been doing for over 14 years. It is a cold and lonely world out there and there a few to trust… even many of your friends. But your true friends will always be there for you. The existence of Sonic and Blaze's world hung on por a thread so she could learn this lesson. Was it really that important? One would never know. But after their goodbyes were said, Blaze returned to her world (most likely along with Eggman Nega). If she forgets all of this and continues her life as a reclusive and timid loner, there is STILL one thing she will undoubtedly remember: Sonic dicho that they will meet again. And when someone in the Sonic series is promised something, they're held to it, one way o another.

Case in point, a mysterious blast of green energy in the middle of a vicious storm when they were aboard the Tornado threw Sonic and Tails into Blaze's dimension. Soon meeting up with Blaze deep inside Coral Cave in the western part of the ocean, they learned that a motley band of robotic pirates were after a precious artifact known as the Jewelled Scepter for an unknown person. The jewelled Scepter had been in Blaze's royal family for generations and had been sealed at it's altar in Coral Cave deep beneath the sea.

Hence a number of adventures to protect the scepter from Captain Whisker occurred, eventually resulting in the identity of the mysterious benefactor and the true purpose of the Jewelled Scepter being revealed. The person behind the pirates had been no other than Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik and Eggman Nega, who both wished to use the Jewelled Scepter as a key in order to release a power known as the power of the stars. This mysterious power was responsible for the separation of Sonic's and Blaze's dimensions and both Eggmen wished to utilize the power in order to bond both whilst wiping Blaze's kingdom out of existence, absorbing it into their mecha known as the Egg Wizard.

Powerful beyond belief, Eggman and Eggman Nega began to plan their campaign for fear and chaos among both dimensions but with the timely appearance of Super Sonic and Burning Blaze, their dark ambitions were cut short thanks to the hedgehog's and cat's combined efforts. The Jewelled Scepter was returned to it's altar under even heavier guard and Sonic and Tails were sent home.

Due to that reciente event, Blaze is convinced that Sonic's arrival in her dimension was a destiny wished por the Chaos and Sol Emeralds. Whether that's true o not is uncertain, but what is known is that Blaze truly hopes to see Sonic again.

Personal information:

Greatest friend(s): Cream the Rabbit, Sonic the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog.

Other friend(s): Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy Rose, Knuckles the Echidna and Marine the Reccoon (when the girl's mouth is shut).

Rival(s): N/A

Enemy(s): Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik and Eggman Nega.

Likes: Blaze, for the most part, likes to be left alone and hidden from the hustles and bustles of the world. Her duty is to protect the Sol Emeralds and the Jewelled Scepter. She also has a responsibility as a Princess. In spite of the customs o luxuries she may have with her ranking and enjoying what little free time she may get with her new friends, she likes doing but one, single thing: making sure those emeralds and the Scepter are safe.

Dislikes: Blaze dislikes when the spotlight is on her, o when she is around large crowds o even talking to others in general — albeit, she has made a tremendous improvement in the social department since she worked together with Sonic to defeat Eggman and Eggman Nega. Even then, tu can't completely change someone. She prefers to be left alone and make sure the Sol Emeralds are in seguro keeping… anyone who dares go after them will also be disliked and dealt with promptly and without a segundo thought. She loathes high places as well. She also has a serious anger problem which can only be repressed for so long before she loses it and goes fiery on you. And lastly, she's, erm, quite sensitive about her underwhelming chest size. Teasing her about it is just about the easiest way to piss her off.

favorito! food(s): Unknown.

favorito! color(s): Unknown. Possibly purple o magenta.

Occupation: Although they aren't income occupations, Blaze is Princess of her world and Guardian of the legendary Sol Emeralds and Jeweled Scepter.

Place of residence: Unknown.
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Dear Silver Fans

Im soooooooooooooooo sorry for trying to get rid of silver(witch i now know is impossible) Its just my rage builds up when i see crap on websites that are wrong that make no lick of sence o wrong respuestas on quizes. I think my rage just exploded and i couldnt take it i went on a allout war with another fansite(silver's) and i wont stop till i had everyone convenced but a friend showed me the wrong to my right and now im truly sorry for what i dicho and did. Because of this my fear is comeing true we are loseing blaze fans and please i beg of tu dont leave.
A video to BlazexSilver fans ^^
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AMAZEING im soo happy that we are now at the 80's mark(it may not seem like much but look on any other sonic girl fan site) this meanse that silver is just 5 más away before she is más famous than him(and hopefully increaseing her chances of being in the siguiente game) i am thrilled of how far we have come. when i first came here, it was like a train wreak! almost every pregunta had wrong respuestas no topic in the foros relating to blaze except 1 and it was wondering if there was any blaze market stuff to buy. Half of the fan on the lista gave up on her(which makes me mad and sad). Very few fans are still convenced to help blaze become better and im thankfull for that.(this comes out to the following:vela-nova, shadow_xox, gulara111, and to all the newcomers thank you)
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