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Story: "Don’t leave me behind"

Author: edwestwick (Ana)

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip girl o used songs.

Summary: Chuck is going to leave New York for good after he saw Blair with Nate. Will Blair see who she really has mariposas for and what if it’s too late?

Hey! Here is new chapter and there is one chapter left after this one. ‘Sparks’ update will be late as I have a lot of tests and homework since it’s end of my first semester but I will have más time on Christmas.

"I don't want this moment to ever end,
Where everything's nothing without you.
I'd wait here...
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 Something on your Mind B?
Something on your Mind B?
Episode 8: Just Missing

GG: hola Upper East Siders, So things have been a little quiet here over the last few weeks, and Gossip Girl is not happy, What happened to scandal? I can't believe I'm saying this but it looks like Gossip Girl is...Bored!

In Class at Constance.
The teacher is giving a leacture.
Blair is sitting por Serena and is looking bored and is not paying attention, because her mind is on other things. (Chuck)

T: (Teacher) And so If tu all open your text libros to page 19, Which will focus on our creative escritura techniques. So your work for this course will be to write a paper titled...
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 BFF's to the rescue...
BFF's to the rescue...
Episode 12: My Super ex-Boyfriend

GG: GOSSIP ALERT! N and S spotted downtown, going to confront the enemy in C's honour and B's defence? Lets hope this doesn't do más harm than good...

Inside Serena's private car.
Serena and Nate are in the car.

N: So, There's a gang after Chuck?
S: (nods) MmmHmm
N: (speechless) And they threatened Blair?
S: MmmHmm
N: And their from Downtown
S: MmmHmm
N: So why are we going after them?
S: Because they can't do that to Blair...Or too Chuck, We'll just talk to them
N: Wha..? No...No...No! I'm not fighting gangsters
S: We're not fighting them Nate
N: Anyway why are we doing...
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 l o C, B decision time...
L or C, B decision time...
Episode 4: As tu liked it

GG: Buon Giorno, That's Good Morning to you. Rise and Shine Upper East Siders, We're in Rome and the fun's just beginning. With Lucas and Chuck on the same trip, in the same hotel, on the same floor and after the same girl...Somethings gotta give, and I'll be watching...

At Breakfast the siguiente morning.
The bottom of Chuck's nose is swallen after Lucas's punch.
Nate and Chuck are sitting at one table. Serena and Dan registrarse them.

S: (Sees his nose) God Chuck. What happened to you?
C: I had a breif enounter with Blair's boy toy
S: Lucas did that?
N: (Chewing breakfast) tu should...
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posted by LoveMeABasshole
1. I want Jack bajo to make a (longer) reappearance.

2. I want Dan to fall for Charlie, so he can stop interfering with Chair.

3. I want Nate to prove that yes, he does have a brain.

4. I want Serena to prove that no, she doesn't need to sleep with as many guys as possible to feel good about herself.

5. I want Blair to prove that she's still capable of being a scheming bitch, but I don't want her scheming to be aimed towards Chuck.

6. I want Chuck to prove that he has matured and values Blair más than anything else in the world, including his hotel.

7. I want Blair to realize that she never really...
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 inicial again Blair?
Home again Blair?
Chair Tales S02E04 - The Art of the Deal

In Manhattan.
The D.A.Y group are on an open parte superior, arriba bus tour of Manhattan. They have just left the bus for lunch.
Blair and Zane are talking.

B: I miss this....i know it isn't where i lived but its not too far from the Upper East Side!
Z: The Upper East Side....i've heard all the stories...
B: What stories!?
Z: tu know...the rich guys, stuck up girls...
B: (whacks him with her handbag, he laughs) Oi! I was an Upper East Side girl! We weren't that bad!
Z: (laughs) Well what were tu then? Cool o uncool?
B: I was pretty popular.
Z: how popular....Queen B popular?...
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posted by laurik2007
Author: SnowedUnderNJ at

Chuck bajo entered the grand ballroom of the Palace hotel for another charity gala. He straightened the bowtie of his tuxedo and scanned the room quickly. He saw her immediately across the room.

Red, of course she had chosen red. She knew how much he loved her in the that color. She was doing it to torture him he was sure of it. Around her neck was the diamond collar he had dado her four years hace after the birth of their son and only child.

He grabbed a glass of champagne from a passing waiter and downed it in one long swallow. He grabbed the arm of...
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posted by laurik2007
Author: kousi at

She drummed her fingers against the fluffy chair, impatiently. The sound fell flat and no real beat was heard.

Her eyes were closed, while she was sitting on the comfortable chair, humming a misceláneo song. She couldn't wait to feel the ground under her feet again.

She'd finally be able to see him again, her corazón making a little jump when she just as much as thought of him.

She'd been gone for three weeks, spending some time with her father, Roman and their newly adopted child, Lillian.

Lillian was a sweetheart and Blair instantly had fallen in amor with the petite...
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posted by laurik2007
Author: maryl at

Blair woke up when she reached for him and he wasn't there. She opened her eyes to look for him, hoping her hands had been wrong, but they told her what she already knew. She was alone.

She lay on her stomach, supporting her weight on her elbow, but now she let her body flop back onto the mattress and pressed her face into her pillow. After a stifled scream of frustration into the feathers, she flopped onto her back, letting her limbs fly out across the massive bed. She'd fallen asleep waiting for him again. It seemed like that happened a lot lately.

All week she'd...
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 What's your secret girls?!
What's your secret girls?!
A/N: hope tu like this one. review. and every chapter i write will start with GG por the way. if a GG part is underlined it means it is an actual GG post if not it is just the voice over like on the mostrar if tu know what i mean.
GG: Rise and Shine UES, the weekend is over and i'm expecting lots of scandle. so far all we have is a sighting of V comforting H. i wonder what that's all about. come on kiddies give me something

V: Hannah are tu telling me the truth?
H: victoria i wouldnt lie about this. me and nathan had sex and now im pregnant.
V: so...
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hola I have already publicado the first part to this up, now here is the scene when louis found out about blairs results, I hope tu enjoy......

Once again when I refree to "I" it means blair as I am talking as the character.

After that dream about chuck and then seeing him so suddenly, him telling me that he loved me and that he is sorry for everything he did to hurt me, I realised it was a sign. I dont know what had caused the dream to turn into real life but all I knew chuck still loved me, I still loved him, louis loved me, I loved louis and chuck and louis dispised eachother. I wiped my tears...
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chuck and blair articulo my version of season 5 episode 6
This is my first attempt so please be nice, this articulo is about my version of what I would want to happen in season 5 episode 6 "I am Number Nine". Also when I referr to "I" it means blair, thanks.
I woke up from a tight fisted dream about my future and my wonderful prince lay beside me, however it wasnt louis it was chuck, I have had dreams like this before but not since he let me go. When I woke up I felt so guilty about the dream I was starting to transfer from a good mood into a bad mood. I then thought to myself "hey I have the bridesmaid...
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posted by delenadarti
Not mine, i just find it on YT and i loved it:

"The thruth is...I don't care how much shit the writers will put around them, I'll always amor these two. Because in the end their essence still remains, and I saw a little bit of CB season 1-2 epicness in the finale episode. I think that the CB shippers that just still amor them no matter what, are the ones who truly understood their relationship from the very beginning.

I'm not judging anyone, I can understand why so many people have gave up on them, but somehow I've always known how complicated, suffered and consuming would have been their love....
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They kηew each other iη a way ηo oηe else ever could, yet they contiηued with their lives ηever realisiηg what was right iη froηt of theм. That is, uηtil oηe unexpected м o m e η t opeηed their eyes aηd chaηged their lives f o r e v e r.
He tried to fight his feeliηgs all he could. She tried to coηviηce herself she didη't care. But try as they мight, it's clear to us that these two were ηever м e a η t for aηyoηe else. They are Chuck aηd Blair, Blair aηd Chuck, aηd they are truly ηothing without each other.

˜*. ˜*.*˜ .*˜
˜*. ˜"*°.˜"*°.°*"˜.°*"˜...
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posted by Stephxcullen
Doing a Read-More, I’ve already dicho some of these but I’ll just repeat them so I can just concentrate on Dan/Blair :

Blair doesn’t have feelings for Dan
She only likes him as a friend, and tells him so.
Dan likes her a bit but knows she still loves Chuck.
Blair decides to be with Chuck but Chuck ruins it so she changes her mind and isn’t going to be with him until he’s ready.
The Prince comes and Blair goes into this “fairytale” mind set and basically isn’t living in reality.
She fakes being with Dan for like one scene so that she can secretly fecha the Prince
Serena freaks out and...
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posted by ArthurGwen
I don`t understand the amor for Dair. Chair are epic and Chair are epic. look chuck & blair have so many memorable moments.
1x07-limo sex.and their first can anyone even compare the dair kiss to chair`s limo kiss/ sex.i mean dairs got freeze-framed! and blair looked like she just wanted to do it fast so it`s over.gosh the most passionless kiss EVER.they have absolutely no chemistry whereas cb...need i say it?

and it goes on and epic speech at bart and lilys wedding.and the look on his face.aaaw. 1x10 how hurt he was when she slept with nate.when she tells him she loves him.all...
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adult content....

Epilogue Part 2

Italics are basically flashbacks recalling the events of the anterior night (night of Blair's welcome back)


Chuck had asked to be excused as he picked Eliza up and walked to a private booth to speak with her. At first Eliza was afraid that her daddy was angry with her for the way she had behaved, but her assured her otherwise and she was quite happy and satisfied after their father/daughter chat...


"Ok princess, spill, what was all that about? Did mummy put tu up to it?" asked Chuck as he and Eliza entered a private booth. He had noticed the...
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Since Sandra couldn't do this, I have the honor of presenting to tu the FOTM interview with the awesome Fran! Congrats for winning, hun! I hope tu like how this turned out! <3

1.Let's start with the usual: tell us something interesting about yourself that we don't know.

I amor fashion and I hope that when I finish universidad I’ll be able to work for a fashion house, organizing fashion shows and events. If I can’t do that I’d amor to work for a museum.

2.How do tu feel about winning FOTM?

I am so happy that people on this spot appreciate what I do to keep this spot active. It’s an...
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- Episode 4 is mostly centered around the Dan and Serena relationship, and Blair trying to take Eva down.
- Serena and Nate have unfinished business, but there's almost no focus on them, she tells him she's there for him, but so far she's clearly leaning to Dan.
- Milo isn't Dan's. He's sad because he got attached to the baby.
- Dan confesses to Rufus that he's still in amor with Serena and that he was about to fly to Paris and do whatever it takes to get her back, but Georgina showed up.
- Eva is innocent, but leaves por the end of episode 4. Blair set her up. Chuck declares war to Blair.
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posted by nneellliii
EL interview

From a French magazine.

What can tu tell us about Clemence poesy?
Ed: She is fantastic. When I met her, I realize that she was in my favorito! movie "Bon Baisers de bruges" with Colin farrel. (I amor THAT MOVIE!!!) So I was very impress. She's a wonderfoul actress.

Do tu think Chuck is gonna fall in amor with her?
Ed: Chuck is gonna be quite smitten with her but his corazón is not available right now. He treat her right, he is sincere but I think he amor what she represente, a way to escape his past. She don't know the old chuck so he can't be himself with her.He is attracted por the...
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