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segundo solo album... Participated as a lyricist, a songwriter, and a producer

Seungri (real name Lee Seunghyun/23) is relatively a lighter character in Big Bang. He also demonstrates his talent on variety shows with his happy personality and skills at talking.

However, his presence in Big Bang was weak. G-Dragon showed his individuality through songwriting and rapping, parte superior, arriba through rapping, Taeyang and Daesung through their vocals, but Seungri's role was to support them.

Seungri released his own segundo solo album 'Let's Talk About Love.' He listed his name as a lyricist, a songwriter, and a producer of the album, and released an album that deserves recognition from the public.

On the 26th, he was interviewed at a cafe in Mapo-gu Sangsoo-dong. He explained, "In Big Bang, I am in charge of the B parts, parts that back up Big Bang's main vocals, bridge, and the chorus." He added, "Understanding my position in the group helped in the making of the album."

It wasn't that he had ambition for songwriting from the first place. He wasn't even thinking of escritura songs because he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to write songs that would mover the audience.

He asked for help from others. However, to wait for YG Entertainment's main producer Teddy to work with him, his turn was far behind, and G-Dragon was already busy with his own solo world tour.

He couldn't wait forever. Maybe it was CEO Yang Hyun Suk's plan to test Seungri, he encouraged him to "Try it on your own."

Seungri acted quickly as he was ordered por YG. He put his head together with songwriters like Ham Seungchun, Kang Woojin, and Choi Pilkang. He participated as a 'melody maker', placing the melody lines on a track during the process of songwriting.

Also, G-Dragon advised him in songwriting, "The fans would want to listen to your story."

"Considering my voice range not being so high, I needed a melody that I could freely sing to. Not a rap nor a melody, but my own melody. I was able to bring that out in the first song 'Let's Talk About Love.'"

Everything was coming untangled without any trouble once he decided to write about his experience and thoughts.


The song 'GG Be' is about a girlfriend that he dated for 6 months about a año ago. It was a secret date, but he later found out that his girlfriend was dating another guy at the same time for a month. He raised his voice, "In a relationship, one must at least have the basic etiquette for the other."

"Today, there are lots of guys that are being tricked por their girls. I think that the girls watch too many American dramas like "Sex and the City" and "Gossip Girl". (laughs) Even from a phone call with her, I could tell that she no longer had any feelings for me. Yet it seemed like she wanted me to dump her. She was very sneaky. So in that song, I expressed my feelings with an intense paino melody right from the introduction."

With 'GG Be', 'Come to my' was made on the same day. He expressed a man's feelings after a breakup in pop R&B. He introduced the song, "I expressed his feelings after hearing things about his ex-girlfriend in verse 1 and 2, and the feelings of explosion in verse 3."

The genre component of his mini album is quite wise. He lessened the boredom through a sound of an acoustic guitarra in 'Gotta Talk To U', as well as through hip hop and different sounds like pop with shuffle rhythms.

He emphasized that after this process of making music, he discovered his own talents and gained confidence in music. He also gained ambition to write música for other artists.

He explained that this was all influenced por Big Bang. He learned a lot from being a member of Big Bang, who recently had their 7th anniversary.

"Big Bang's songs are usually produced por G-Dragon, and I had already learned a lot from listening to those songs. I think that's why there is a connection between Big Bang and the type of pop música that I seek. We have a rule that whoever releases a solo album, one must not break the boundaries of Big Bang."

Though the members seemed careless, they carefully supported him in many ways. Seungri showed a text. It was from G-Dragon, a leader that keeps on telling harsh truths to Seungri after monitoring his first comeback stage.

"Your first stage, the dances are too weird. I wish they would be a bit heavier. On a stage, tu need something memorable. Because your 'GG Be' clothes seem like what tu would ordinarily wear, let's try to dress up a little bit more. Don't try to look like a man, it doesn't look cool. As I tell tu always, tu look too old when tu do that. Things that people around tu tell you, listen carefully to those words because they are all for your sake." (G-Dragon)

He also talked about the feedback dado my many hyungs like Taeyang and Daesung, "I really wanted to do well as a maknae. I didn't want to be embarrassed. It was más difficult to gain recognition from the members than from the public. The members are harsh," he laughed.


Time has passed since their debut in 2006 and Big Bang had become a middle-grade group. Last year, they had a world tour and explored many foreign stages. Seungri picked 'MTV EMA' in 2011 as the most memorable stage.

"We were there, representing Asia, and people like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga were there. Of course, now there is Psy who is with a lot of foreign pop stars, but at the time, being with world-wide artists was thrilling just like I was when we were debuting. It felt like standing in front of a door to the new world. Especially because it took place when the members were having difficult times, it was an opportunity for us to be reminded of our original resolution."


Seungri, who always seemed like a maknae, now has lots of juniors at the agency. On a survival program 'WIN', YG is mostrando a new boy group that will debut after the program ends.

Seungri sees them and looks back into his past.

"When I was a trainee, I was told to go back to Gwangju (hometown). For six months, CEO Yang Hyun Suk, who only remembers the names of people who do well, called me "you, in the red (hat, clothes)". The indifference was making me lonesome and nervous. So I memorized the names of all the trainees. Because the time to lecture has already passed, now I tell them funny stories that can encourage them. (Haha)"

Seungri responded to the news that YG new member Kang Seung Yoon picked him as the scariest senior. "CEO Yang told me, 'Because tu are a árbol with lots of twigs, tu need some pruning." "Just like G-Dragon was the one who pushed me hard, Kang Seung Yoon needs someone to push his overwhelming talents. If all 10 of them are told that they are good, there won't be any improvements," he laughed.

He also advised his juniors, "Other than canto and dancing, having your own charms and star-like qualities are important."

Therefore, Big Bang's sense of responsibility has risen. They have to become a role model of their juniors.

Seungri said, "Because Big Bang balances the team and solves problems through conversations, we had never gotten in a big fight." "We talked about how because we are being loved so much, Big Bang should never collapse. CEO Yang Hyun Suk once dicho that he was lacking judgement during the disband of Seo Taeji and Boys. Big Bang will last long," he emphasized.

And Seungri's words after he poises for a moment.

"I want to become a band like Rolling Stones. Don't tu guys want to see us perform even after we become old?"

Translated por @IBEUNJN
Source: Naver
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