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I wanna share something with everyone, and believe me, I have never told this to anyone in my entire life.
I feel that I should share this moment with everyone now, it maybe funny o stupid. Lol

I'm a huge Emma Watson fan, seriously. Even most of tu don't really see it, because of Avril Lavigne's pictures flooding my profile.
Yes, I'm obsessed with Avril and she's my number 1 idol, yadayadayada. But when I was young, and when I watched the 1st and 2nd Harry Potter film. I fell in amor with Hermione, okay this is gonna get weird, but I mean SERIOUSLY in love. I then found out her real name, and I started having her as my desktop wallpaper, o my phone's theme. I was obsessed with Emma Watson as much as I am obsessed with Avril Lavigne now, why is this a secret? Because I was really in amor with her! And it's was the first time I have ever fell in love, I was young, please don't hit me. Lol

So, it's not really a big secret but I've been hiding this since that day.
Emma Watson was my first ever screen crush.
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