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April 12th 2016

Alex; he was my close friend, we were so close that we considered ourselves as blood brothers. They were 4 of us, now there's only 3. Alex was the one gone, I was out drinking with my other friends; the moment I got home, I received a message from one of my closest girl-friend. She told me Alex has passed away, I didn't believe her; but I was worried, I was scared to know whether her was lying o not. I quickly made contact with the friends Alex mostly hangs around with, the first reply I got made me dropped on my knees. Alex was in a car accident, his last breath was at 10:40pm;...
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posted by flightFlora
It's a good fortune to have a friend like you

Nobody understand what we say
But por becoming closer and closer
They'll realize how beautiful
Our life is!!

We share the stupidest and
Loveliest memories

I fell in amor with my life
When I talk about these with you

We've made memories
Memories that are stored seguro in my heart

tu shine brightly like a
Diamond in the sky

Cuz you're the true friend I've found

When I was sad
Had nothing left to do
It was tu who cheers me up
I remember!

tu mover adelante, hacia adelante leaving behind
Your footsteps to shine

Your corazón is like a pearl
Never let it get a stain

Doesn't matter where we are now
o where we go
Because this Bond of friendship
Is stronger in our corazón

Don't know if tu think I am a good friend o not
But tu are the best friend of mine

Forever we are
And always will be
Of friends
Internet, a place people from all over the world stays connected. What would we do if internet never existed?

I want to share my story of friendships here on fanpop with tu all, I hope that one día if any of us stop coming around at least I get to mostrar tu all how I feel about our friendships. I'm really afraid of what lies in the future, things changes and different things happen all the time.
I will share my best friends from the past and the best friends I have now.

Here are my best friends that I had back when I was active here on Fanpop.

Her name is Nadia, her name is as beautiful...
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Fly Fly around little snowflakes
tu glitter in the sun
a million crystals in the sky
falling down on navidad tree.
Deers are jumping in the snow
the wood starting to rustle.
a squirell is running
save some nuts for grabbing in.
Your skin looks like china
breakeable but white like snow.

amor is in the air
standing under a mistletoe
kiss me little angel
falling from sky
to catch my heart.

Annyeong Eugene
this is my poem for you
hope tu amor it
Saranghae your Kathi
I wanna share something with everyone, and believe me, I have never told this to anyone in my entire life.
I feel that I should share this moment with everyone now, it maybe funny o stupid. Lol

I'm a huge Emma Watson fan, seriously. Even most of tu don't really see it, because of Avril Lavigne's pictures flooding my profile.
Yes, I'm obsessed with Avril and she's my number 1 idol, yadayadayada. But when I was young, and when I watched the 1st and 2nd Harry Potter film. I fell in amor with Hermione, okay this is gonna get weird, but I mean SERIOUSLY in love. I then found out her real name, and...
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