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Article by 14K posted hace más de un año
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April 12th 2016

Alex; he was my close friend, we were so close that we considered ourselves as blood brothers. They were 4 of us, now there's only 3. Alex was the one gone, I was out drinking with my other friends; the moment I got home, I received a message from one of my closest girl-friend. She told me Alex has passed away, I didn't believe her; but I was worried, I was scared to know whether her was lying o not. I quickly made contact with the friends Alex mostly hangs around with, the first reply I got made me dropped on my knees. Alex was in a car accident, his last breath was at 10:40pm; the time was already 2:38am. I was late, I wasn't there. I stopped replying every message I get and just lay there, stunned; I couldn't believe it, I don't want to believe it. I didn't sleep till sunrise, I message Alex many times; wishing I could get a reply.

The siguiente día I was invited to Alex's home, I went there with one of my 4 closest friends, he and I never spoke in the car till we reached Alex's home. The moment we reached, I saw a coffin with Alex's foto on it; I walked towards it slowly. I saw his face, there were scars and bruisers from the...
Fan fiction by flightFlora posted hace más de un año
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It's a good fortune to have a friend like you

Nobody understand what we say
But por becoming closer and closer
They'll realize how beautiful
Our life is!!

We share the stupidest and
Loveliest memories

I fell in amor with my life
When I talk about these with you

We've made memories
Memories that are stored seguro in my heart

tu shine brightly like a
Diamond in the sky

Cuz you're the true friend I've found

When I was sad
Had nothing left to do
It was tu who cheers me up
I remember!

tu mover adelante, hacia adelante leaving behind
Your footsteps to shine

Your corazón is like a pearl
Never let it get a stain

Doesn't matter where we are now
o where we go
Because this Bond of friendship
Is stronger in our corazón

Don't know if tu think I am a good friend o not
List by 14K posted hace más de un año
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Internet, a place people from all over the world stays connected. What would we do if internet never existed?

I want to share my story of friendships here on fanpop with tu all, I hope that one día if any of us stop coming around at least I get to mostrar tu all how I feel about our friendships. I'm really afraid of what lies in the future, things changes and different things happen all the time.
I will share my best friends from the past and the best friends I have now.

Here are my best friends that I had back when I was active here on Fanpop.

Her name is Nadia, her name is as beautiful as she is. She's very nice and a kind corazón girl. She was the first friend I had when I just started Fanpop, she thought me how to use Fanpop; how to Prop, how to earn Medals, let me know new friends and made me a person here on Fanpop. We would talk almost everyday, she was able to change my opinions on TV Shows, I would watch shows that I never thought I'd be a fan of. She also loves escritura stories, I enjoyed them a lot. Her words can put a smile on anyone's face. Her smile is beyond perfect, she's the one that I...
Opinion by GDragon612 posted hace más de un año
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Fly Fly around little snowflakes
tu glitter in the sun
a million crystals in the sky
falling down on navidad tree.
Deers are jumping in the snow
the wood starting to rustle.
a squirell is running
save some nuts for grabbing in.
Your skin looks like china
breakeable but white like snow.

amor is in the air
standing under a mistletoe
kiss me little angel
falling from sky
to catch my heart.

Annyeong Eugene
this is my poem for you
hope tu amor it
Saranghae your Kathi

Article by 14K posted hace más de un año
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I wanna share something with everyone, and believe me, I have never told this to anyone in my entire life.
I feel that I should share this moment with everyone now, it maybe funny o stupid. Lol

I'm a huge Emma Watson fan, seriously. Even most of tu don't really see it, because of Avril Lavigne's pictures flooding my profile.
Yes, I'm obsessed with Avril and she's my number 1 idol, yadayadayada. But when I was young, and when I watched the 1st and 2nd Harry Potter film. I fell in amor with Hermione, okay this is gonna get weird, but I mean SERIOUSLY in love. I then found out her real name, and I started having her as my desktop wallpaper, o my phone's theme. I was obsessed with Emma Watson as much as I am obsessed with Avril Lavigne now, why is this a secret? Because I was really in amor with her! And it's was the first time I have ever fell in love, I was young, please don't hit me. Lol

So, it's not really a big secret but I've been hiding this since that day.