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 ginga vs masamune
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its a fondo de pantalla from the bakuten beyblade game II
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This beyblade Metal Fusion foto contains animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

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Song: Kokoro No Yuki Artist/Group: YU+KI
metal fight beyblade
gingka hagane
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Nagi: kyoya kyoya kyoya IKUTO (her brother)
Ikuto: what
Nagi: he fainted
Ikuto: * carries kyoya to their inicial *
Uta: what the
Nagi: he fainted
Rima: how will we go to party?
Nagi: I will stay tu 3 go
Uta: fine
Ikuto: call the doctor
Rima: bye bye
When they all go out to the party except nagi she calls the doctor
Doctor: *remove his shirt*he will be fine give him this medicine and this one and this they are 6 medicines
Nagi: that’s a lot
Doctor:I know each one of them has a time written on the box give it to him for a week and tell him not to go to school o mover he should stay here
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