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posted by SebiBaires
My friend was recently on the "90210" set and the first thing I asked him about his visit was, "What did those girls look like in person?" He shook his head and told me, "The girl who plays Silver ... it's scary."

It is scary. Two of "90210's" stars -18-year-old Shenae Grimes and 21-year-old Jessica Stroup -- are significantly and horrifyingly underweight, especially when tu take into consideration that what we're seeing on TV includes 10 additional "camera pounds."

The gossip from the set is that Shenae and Jessica have gotten even thinner since the mostrar started and that some of their cast...
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posted by Kylie90210
Now don't get me wrong, I am not a Kelly and Dylan fan (no offence to anyone). But rewatching series three lately has got me thinking, did Kelly really steal Dylan? Let's look at the facts:

•Brenda and Dylan hadn't broken up, but they had agreed to cool things down.
•Brenda met Rick, and obviously didn't feel bad enough about Dylan to not spend time with him.
•Kelly had no intention of stealing Dylan, they were just spending time together intially.
•Dylan was the one pushing for something to happen, Kelly (who did not completely resist) did use Brenda as a reason for them to put aside their...
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Tori Spelling, playing Donna Martin, and Jennie Garth, playing Kelly Taylor, were back filming Beverly Hills, 90210 only 29 years since it first aired in US TV! The actors were pictured filming pool scenes while holding drinks as they chatted wearing bright summer dresses. However, the new series titled BH 90210 is currently being filmed in Vancouver, Canada and not Beverly Hills, California! Pictures dated 29th May 2019. It looks like the full cast of the 90’s mostrar will return although they will be sadly missing Luke Perry who died earlier this year.
posted by karin85
Beverly Hills, 90210 was a primetime televisión soap opera that aired from October 4, 1990, to May 17, 2000, on zorro, fox in the United States and subsequently on various networks around the world. The mostrar followed the lives of a group of teenagers living in the posh, star-studded community of Beverly Hills, California and attending the fictitious West Beverly Hills High School and then fictitious California University. The mostrar was created por Darren estrella and produced por Aaron Spelling. The "90210" in the título refers to one of the suburb's postal codes (or ZIP Code).

Originally the central characters...
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posted by valandvic4ever
I think that Beverly Hills 90210 is a mostrar everyone has at least heard of once o twice, but unless tu were a teenager during the 90s, tu probbaly never watched it. Well, the same was true for me.

That is, until CW started advertising the 90210 spin-off on every cable channel they possibly could. I heard stuff on the previews like, "the phenomenon that defined an era is back to touch a whole new generation of viewers." It sounded like a mostrar I couldn't pass up. But there was one little problem: I knew nothing about 90210 besides the obvious - it's a zip-code in Beverly Hills.

What initially...
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