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Demi, Lovato,friendship
 One of my favorito! cine
One of my favorite movies
About me
My name is morgan and I am 18 years old. I live in U.S.A. I amor to read and hang out with my friends. My favorito! cine are The vampire diaries, The snow queen and The black cauldron. My favorito! stories/books are Dancing for the west wind and Beauty and the Beast.
 One of my favorito! stories (Dancing for the west wind)
One of my favorito! stories (Dancing for the west wind)

How I found fanpop
I was doing some encuestas here and found many good people so I thought to registrarse the site and make friends. Some of my friends are: EvelynHeart, Gongchu, WOW_ and Joan__54.

What I mostly like to do here
Make polls, chat with my friends and write articles.
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