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"Call me back, Grandma," CeCe giggled. She clicked the phone off before groaning loudly. What had she been thinking? She grabbed her favorito! bag before storming out of the door. She and Rocky did everything together. At high school, they already made their cliques and she and Rocky had always just moved from group to group. They made so many friends because she and Rocky were just so energetic, with each other. But without the Rocky, CeCe was lonely, friendless, and now she had an manzana, apple when she just wanted a pear.

"Yo CeCe, what's up girl?"

CeCe looked up from her spot sulking on the stairs...
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CeCe's POV

"Mom!" I squeaked as she held her flashlight up to Ty's face.

"Relax, I just need to know what his intentions are with my daughter." She spoke sweetly to me. And then she flashed the light back into Ty's eyes. "Now, again what are your intentions with my daughter."

"Ummm…" He looked at me and swallowed. I laughed and then covered my mouth. Ty looked so scared, I mean I know I shouldn't be laughing at him, but he's too funny. "To fecha her?" He seems un sure. And just date. What about the future. Oh god now I sound like my mom.

"Kissing?" My mom ordered.

"Yeah." He mumbled.

"What about...
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CeCe's POV

"Boring, borer, even más boring, duller than boring…." I said, flipping through misceláneo channels. I was positively bored. Stupid summer breaks. It's been only one week into the summer. How can I already be bored. I mean I have the show, but still that isn't a 24 hora thing. Only like 5 to 8 hours. And Rocky's to busy creating a "fool proof plan" to get a boyfriend. Why can't she just see what's right in front of her. I tell you.

"Hey, do tu have any food?" I looked at Ty as he barged through the door.

"Oh sure, tu can come right on in. It's not like tu need to knock o anything."...
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