CeCe's POV

"Mom!" I squeaked as she held her flashlight up to Ty's face.

"Relax, I just need to know what his intentions are with my daughter." She spoke sweetly to me. And then she flashed the light back into Ty's eyes. "Now, again what are your intentions with my daughter."

"Ummm…" He looked at me and swallowed. I laughed and then covered my mouth. Ty looked so scared, I mean I know I shouldn't be laughing at him, but he's too funny. "To fecha her?" He seems un sure. And just date. What about the future. Oh god now I sound like my mom.

"Kissing?" My mom ordered.

"Yeah." He mumbled.

"What about sex?" My mouth dropped and Ty stood still. "Well?"

"I don't think so?" Again, it sounded más like a question. Great now every fecha we go on she'll be with us, and we'd probably only get to go to Chucky Cheeses.

"Wait until tu get married. Are tu going to marry my daughter." Oh my god. She's taking this a little far.

"I don't know. Maybe in the future. I am a teen." Ok now he's sounding más confident, maybe it was the whole sex thing that put him off. Way, does he not think I'm hot o sexy. That sucks.

"Fine. Now I have some rules." Here we go. "First off, tu two are not allowed in CeCe's room, unless I'm in the house. Because I'm pretty sure tu two wouldn't do anything with me in hearing distance. And if I hear tu two didn't follow this rule, CeCe is grounded for a week, and I'll let Ty's mother know about it. Understood?"

"Yes." We shouted.

"Ok. Second. No sex before marriage unless your already out of college, and your older. And if tu disobey this rule, be safe. And third, no making out and keep it g rated in front of Flynn. And the last rule. I have to know where tu two are at every dado moment. And I get how plans switch. Just let me know. I'm fine with tu guys going to party, just be responsible. And that's it." My mom said, then got up and left.

"That was awkward." Ty stated flatly.

"It's my mother, what did tu suspect." We laughed and got off the couch, and made our way to the mall.

Rocky's POV

"Deuce, why wouldn't they want to double fecha with us?" I asked. It was really bugging me. I mean we are such an amazing couple. Who wouldn't want to hang out with us.

"They probably just wanted to get to know each other better." Deuce suggested, as he shrugged. Stuffing más past in his mouth. We were at the aceituna, oliva Pitt.

"I guess your right." I mumbled taking a bite of my Salad.

"Ok. So what should we do after this…" Just then my phone beeped. I had a text message from Ty. It was only ten after one. Shouldn't he be busy on his date.

"Who is it?" Deuce mumbled, still chewing his food.

"Baby, tu really shouldn't talk with your mouth full. And Ty." I told him quietly opening the message and lectura it out loud. "Rocky, meet us at CeCe's, something happened."

"What happened?" Deuce asked, this time without chewing food.

"I don't know it just says something happened." I was worried. What if they broke up? I don't want to have to choose sides. I mean Ty's my brother, but CeCe's like my sister. They Can't breaks up.

"Let's go." Deuce called for the bill and he paid for it and we went straight to CeCe's.

We didn't knock on the door, we just walked right in. And what I saw hurt me. CeCe was curled in a ball, with Ty's arms wrapped around her as she cried. Well atleast they are still together.

"What happened?" Deuce shouted.

"Tinka." Ty Scoffed. What did that freak do now.

"What did she do?" My voice was hoarse and everyone could tell. I hated seeing my best friend, my sister like this. But Ty looked even worse. That's when I realized it, Ty actually care más about someone else then his own self.

"It's what she didn't do." He snapped as He leaned closer to CeCe, whispering comforting things in her ear as her cry quieted down.

"I walked over and sat down siguiente to her. "CeCe can tu tell me what happened?" I asked.

"Yeah." She whispered. She sucked in a deep breath and wiped her eyes. Me and Ty were having a Cinnamon roll, because they looked good. We were sharing it of course and then…then." Ty leant down and told her it was ok. Awe. "Then Tinka comes over and Asks Ty out, because she said…she dicho they had chemistry. And he dicho no, because he already has me. and she got mad…because I was his girlfriend. And then she looked at the menu and asked me to read her number four, but it got mixed up. And she laughed at me. And dicho I was so stupid I couldn't even read. And then she's like oh that's right your retarded, tu have dyslexia. And she dicho it so loud….tons of people from school where there. And now they know." And she cried harder into Ty's chest. And I think all of our hearts broke.

"That's horrible." Cece is really self-conscious about her dyslexia, and I'm pretty sure Ty didn't know she had it till Tinka had to say something about it.

"There's more." Ty informed us. "Tinka decided to call over my Ex Trish, to talk about her sex life. Trish told CeCe how we had amazing sex and she could never compare." He spoke through clenched teeth.

"You had sex?" I was shocked.

"I'm not that dumb. We went on like three dates. No of course we didn't." I nodded, and it was silent except for CeCe crying and Ty whispering in her ear.