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 Why men die younger
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I admit I loved disney Princesses as a little girl, I collected stickers and pictures of my favoritos (Belle and Ariel and Cinderella) and have a lot of the movies.

But one curious thing I started to notice about disney cine as I got older was that there were usually no mothers around, it was almost always a single dad and his daughter trying to get by. If there was a female adult, she was an awful stepmother o a wicked witch.

Here is a lista of disney cine (and many of these are based on folk tales and Grimm fairy tales, but they are the ones disney seems to like to make cine of...) where...
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A mothers whisper

In the night when your fast asleep.
Precious eyes closed…and in a beautiful dream.
tu hear a whisper…a soft gental sound.
tu smile…and laugh..nowing mother is around.
Trying not to wake up from this dream of yours.
It makes tu feel safe….all nice and warm.
tu feel a nice, soft, warm hand on your head.
Mother cries… she dead?
tu try to mover to tell her you’re alright.
But tu cant mover at all that night.
Mother sings me a beautiful ryme.
I try to wake up…its about time!
I wanna feel her warm imbrass.
Is it really way to late….
I see an ángel up in the sky…
I see mother standing right by,
I walk to here and give her a hug.
Mother whispers…your in heaven my love(=
Some girls really hate themselves. They think there fat, o to skinny, o they have huge eyes, o they hate there acne. Every girl has a flaw about themselves. YOu wont find a perfect girl. But what i can say is that every single one of tu girls are beatiful. Y? Because tu were created por a wonderful god! He created tu in his eyes. Think of yourself as a painting. YOu see the ones that look like a mess! well because they were made por a famous artist, there beautiful, and unique! LIke you! Whos to say tu arent pretty?The boys? The other mean girls? Who made up the rule that being fat, or...
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