películas de barbie Which movie represents November best?

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Fashion Fairytale
Three Musketeer
navidad Carol
Fairy Secret
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Perfect navidad
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 Sirea posted hace más de un año
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Sirea picked Fashion Fairytale:
The previous winners are:

January - Magic of Pegasus
February - Swan Lake
March - Rapunzel
April - Diamond Castle
May - Princess and the Pauper
June - Island Princess
July – Mermaid Tale
August - Princess and the Popstar
September - Princess Charm School
October - 12 Dancing Princesses

I think Fashion Fairytale is a good November movie.
posted hace más de un año.
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ruxi23 picked Mariposa:
who ever picked christmas carol should stop .christams carlo is for december .i think soem fans will pick chrstmas carlo soem fo the perferct christmas . i am going with amriposa
posted hace más de un año.