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susi96 dicho …
hola guys, I was out for a while, but have a pregunta now and tu are always the best informed.
So, how many episodes will the segundo season of Dreamhouse Adventures have? I am currently recording the german episodes when running in tv, but there are just actualización in the overview with the weakly tv release of a new episode. I need to know how much there finally will be, so I know how many episodes I can put on a dvd.
Also I'm very sad about the stop of barbie movies, like tu all. publicado hace 10 días
WilliamBinh15 comentó…
Only 9 episodes :) hace 9 días
susi96 comentó…
9? This can't be right. There were already 10 episodes sent in tv in german and 3 más episodes are planned. So there must be at least 13 episodes... hace 9 días
connor3 comentó…
Some countries released some season 3 episodes as part of season 2 in tv broadcast. Anyway, the episode lista can be very messy because it looks like it's different in other countries. The only sure thing is, there are 26 episodes produced so far in total. hace 1 día
big smile
WilliamBinh15 dicho …
UPDATE: I uploaded 3 episodes left and now tu can watch whole season 2 on my google Drive

LINK: https://bit.ly/2DYa3AZ

Season 3 will come out siguiente week and I'll continue record and share for all of tu 😁😉 publicado hace 12 días
barbieboonchit comentó…
It would be much better to have subtitle hace 10 días
big smile
WilliamBinh15 dicho …
Just finished subir 6 episodes of Dreamhouse Adventures Season 2 on google Drive

LINK: https://bit.ly/2DYa3AZ

ENJOY!!! 😉 publicado hace 13 días
WilliamBinh15 comentó…
I'll subir siguiente 3 episodes on tomorrow morning! Stay tune! hace 13 días
barbieboonchit comentó…
OMG I amor tu hace 13 días