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la elección de los fans: Purple
la elección de los fans: ISFJ like Anneliese
la elección de los fans: barbie
la elección de los fans: 1. A tie between Anneliese and Erika
1. A tie between Anneliese and...
2. Julian
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FairyElina14 dicho …
Wow I am missing barbie cine like crazy publicado hace 2 horas
barbieboonchit dicho …
Guys! I miss barbie Movie! I miss the moment of waiting all those revelations when new movie is coming publicado hace 3 días
WilliamBinh15 comentó…
Me too! I always scream out when I found out the teaser trailer of new movie :) hace 3 días
barbieboonchit comentó…
So do I! It's like..part of my childhood to keep up with new revelations. hace 1 día
barbieboonchit comentó…
like..First book cover, logos, dolls, still pics hace 1 día
big smile
WilliamBinh15 dicho …
WOW! New icono and banner. amor IT!!! <3 Too busy with my work and im not online for almost 6 months :)) Now i have a plan to record all of episodes of Dreamhouse Adventures season 2, and I'll re-upload season 1 to 1080p also. Maybe i'll share download link and subir whole 2 seasons on youtube for you. STAY TUNE! ;) publicado hace 7 días
barbieboonchit comentó…
Oh My God Plsss hace 3 días