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Review by flowerprincess posted hace más de un año
fan of it?
Do tu know, barbie Girls World had a rush for searching letters!! If they found five letters, then they will type that in on the 'special code' box. Here, i give tu two clues, then if tu know, type that in!
1. Word for bag
2. Flipflops without flip

Only me have tell tu the special code. if tu click submit, then pop an word reads: 'Congrats! tu unlocked secret fashion!! how cool is that?! tu can get the P u***, and Flo**. still get stuck? click help button on the screen, on in barbie Girls Central, click the 'Five new letters just released!' click 'learn more!' to get help.
Guide by flowerprincess posted hace más de un año
fan of it?
Welcome to the barbie Girls World! here's the guide for start playing

-The Basic Barbie-
I'm escritura this cause i'm only basic barbie. To start, make your account first.
1.Fill your screen name--don't use your real name! 2.Fill your password, retype the passwor
3.Pick your contraseña reminder--in case tu forgot your password!
4. Pick your age.

Hooray! now tu are part of barbie Girls. Now, create your character, diseño your own room, chat with friends! still get stuck? click help on the barbie Girls screen.