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 new brawler
new brawler
Bakugan creator

Full name: Max Espinoza
Personality:Daredevil,risk taking,acts like Dan Kuso {a lot},and is trustworthy
Bakugan: Spiceionoid
How bakugan looks like:its a huge dragon red all over and has naranja outlines on my bakugan
Gender of bakugan:Female
Ability card: Flaming fires of terror
Bakugan is realy awesome if tu get the hang of it. so anyone wheather boy o girl try bakugan its super kooolll!!!!!!
remember if u want u can try making your own bakugan brawler and your own bakugan its really fun to feel tu are really part of the bakugan series
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Now, write here your character's information.

Full Name Of The Character:
Personal Characteristic:
Bakugan's Name:
Bakugan's Appearance:
Bakugan's Abilities:


Full Name Of The Character: Ayleyda Laura Wilson.
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has got middle-length naranja hair with green eyes. She has got a little bit freckles. She wears a blue chaqueta with black tight shorts. She also wears long black boots. She makes her hair in 'ponytail' model. But she leaves some hair on her face as a curl.
Age: 16
Personal Characteristic: She is so adventurer and brave. She is kind(can't challange Alice about it). But she believes that working alone is better.
Element: Darkus.
Bakugan's Name: Aquanoid.
Bakugan's Appearance: Looks like a dragon but it's blue and black. It's body is coloured black but his back is full of blue stripes.
Bakugan's Abilities: He can send dark lightnings.

Now, write your own, it's fun!
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 DVD Cover
DVD Cover
Episode list
Season 1: 2007-2008

"The Battle Begins"
"Dragon Warriors" (龍の戦士)
April 5, 2007
February 24, 2008

One día Dan prepares for a brawl against Akira at the park. But arrives to find that Shuji (Akira's older brother) is Dan's challenger. A battle ensues, during the course of the battle Dan has a vision of a Dragonoid struggling with a Fear Ripper. The battle continues and Dan is victorious. Dragonoid starts to explain what's behind the scenes of Bakugan and from that point forward, all the Battle Brawlers realize that Bakugan was más than just a game.

"Masquerade Ball"
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this story is dedicated to my best friend on fanpop

ahhh! it is the brawlers look shun. shun i need your autograph julie please give me some tips look it is the strongest brawler daniel kuso .we have so many fans ? dan yelled yeah shun yelled back ran aren't tu coming .no tu wanted to know about klaus right i have the internet on mobile right now so wait.that's ran for tu completes her work dado silent,clam,brave ,beautiful,confident,rich and best in martial arts,ventus brawler and stubborn after all she is the best brawler in school but she never has pride over so many people have trust...
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