Back to the Future BTTF memorabilia for sale

santr81 posted on Dec 07, 2015 at 02:39AM
I have BTTF memorabilia released by Perth Mint for sale.
1. 99.9 pure silver 2oz coin - unique shape of floating hoverboard - only 2015 numbers produced
2. 99.99 pure gold 1/4 coin - iconic back to the future design - only 1000 numbers produced
3. 99.9 pure silver 1oz coin - packaged in a DeLorean car shaped casing - only 7500 numbers prodiced
All of this comes with certificate of purity and i have multiple number of these items in my collection. Ready to sell them and ship them to US for right price.
Please do contact me if interested. All items are with me, stored in a secured wault.
Shanker Nair

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