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rachaelwsz posted on Apr 11, 2010 at 08:25AM
I got the idea from kandyluv's forum post in the Paramore spot. It's a pretty simple game.

I'll start off by adding some lyrics of one of Avril's songs. And the next person will have to guess the song of the lyrics I posted and post another lyric of one of Avril's songs.


Example: ...

ABC: Standing on the bridge. (lyrics)

XYZ: I'm With You. (^song name)

Get out of my head. (lyrics)

HIJ: Don't tell me. (^song name)

Slowing down I look around. (lyrics)

(And it goes on... )

*If you still don't get it (lol), see link as an example.*

Note: I'll put another example just to make things clearer in the forum post.
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