It was Christmas, My sister and I had opened all of our presents, pretending that we didn’t want anymore. But of course, we had the glimmer of hope that lingers in every child. The hope that we would receive más presents. We had finished a sweet breakfast of fresh, hot croissants, straight from the horno and we gobbled them down with a mug of warm milk. It was perfect for the cold frosty día that was ahead of us.

My dad murmured something to my mum and disappeared into his office. When he returned, he was clutching a crisp, white envelope.
“Shivani, when tu open this, tu must understand that for whatever reason it may not go to plan and things may not work out.” My dad dicho seriously.
“Okay” I dicho as calmly as I could. Inside though, my corazón was racing, I was desperate to discover what was hidden in the envelope that I was now holding. My fingers trembled as I slowly tore it open.

“AAHH!” I screamed, I was ecstatic. Mad. Surprised. Thrilled. Was I awake o was I dreaming? I jumped up and down, feeling like one of those people on the radio, who had just won tickets to a concert. A concierto of their idol. I couldn’t believe it; I had tickets to an Avril Lavigne concert! Not only was I going to see her on stage, I was going to meet her too. My corazón skipped a beat as I realised the immensity of what was happening. I had always yearned for this, fallen asleep at night, dreaming of meeting my heroine.

Even though I had received the tickets in December, the concierto wasn’t actually until June! I was dying with the frustration of waiting. My mum and dad had always told me that I wasn’t very patient, and as the months went by, I proved their point. We had a long way to go, almost two hours. However, the time seemed to race by, as I sat gazing out of the window, into the city lights and sillhouetted buildings, enjoying every segundo of the evening.

We eventually arrived and I stared up at the 02 dome, tall and outstretched as if it were a colossal giant, ruling over us. I walked excitedly over to the doors and stepped inside. I tilted my head to the ceiling and gazed at the beautiful structure. As I looked around me, there were what seemed like billions of people, all here for the same reason as me. I made my way over to the VIP Walkway and collected my wristbands and VIP Pass. I felt quite shy at the time. Everyone else looked so cool with their hair done to look exactly like Avril’s, they had black, estrella studded jackets and were wearing everything they could to be like her. What was I wearing? An old parte superior, arriba and some jeans. So much for meeting the estrella of my life.

“Alright everybody, this way please, stay in the line.” announced a tall, bulky man. He spoke with a strong Canadian accent and my corazón thumped más and más as I realised that he was one of “the crew” and that I was getting closer por the minuto to reaching my fantasy. We walked through the doors into a silent hallway, which was soon echoing the high-pitched girly squeals that followed us through. It was dark and every so often, a few spotlights lit the way. The long, snaking line came to a halt and every one jerked violently backwards. The bodyguard spoke again explaining how he had been Avril’s assistant ever since the beginning. My mind floated away dreaming endlessly as my body sat as still as a brick looking right through everyone around me.

The queue got shorter and shorter, and all of the cool fans came out gasping and screaming, quite simply going crazy. I hoped that wasn’t going to happen to me.
“Okay, tu ready? You’re up next. Just follow the arrows on the sides of the walls.” dicho the bodyguard to me raising his voice over the blaring crowd. Well, this was it, the moment I’d been waiting for since that navidad día six months and twenty-one days ago. I walked swiftly down the long corridor, watching out for the arrows as I went. I arrived at two doors, shut tightly and saw another bodyguard. He swung them open...

Standing against a plain brick wall, was my idol, my superstar, my inspiration. Avril Ramona Lavigne. I took slow, steady steps, a huge grin stuck to my face, and stood in front of her, giggling nervously. She was so pretty, and was wearing really cool clothes, a black chaqueta with skulls, and black jeans.
“Urm, I’m Shivani...And I write songs.” I dicho hopelessly forgetting everything I had planned to say. My throat was dry, I couldn’t speak, and everything came out in a muddle.
“And, and, tu inspired me to write songs. I’ve loved your música ever since it first came out. This is a song I’ve written called Big Wide World.” The words tumbled out all at once. I handed my CD to her and one of the assistants indicated for me to give it to him. I wonder if she still has it now, probably not. The chances are it’s lying in some dark corner of some boring room.
“Oh. Thank you. That’s so sweet!” Avril said. I couldn’t believe the reality, I was standing less than a metre away from Avril Lavigne, and she was speaking to me! I laughed, not knowing what else to do and replied with:
“It’s OK! My favourite song is Keep Holding On. I really like it because it’s so meaningful and sincere.” I dicho in a soft voice.
“Thank you.” she murmured.

There was an awkward silence and I didn’t know what to do. I racked my brain trying to think of something to say. Sensing my nervousness, she asked:
“Well, do tu want me to sign your pass then?” a little rhetorically. I nodded my head eagerly, and watched with wide eyes, as she casually scribbled an amazingly perfect signature. I still have it today, hanging on the muro in my bedroom, there to inspire me, to lift my spirit when I’m feeling down.

“You ready for the photo?” dicho another assistant, perched on a taburete behind a camera. We got into position and smiled. Click went the camera. They all looked at me as if to tell me I could go, and I smiled back anxiously, not wanting this wonderful moment to end. I had to say something else, just one más thing. The only thing that came out was:
“I hope tu enjoy the concert. See tu soon!”
“Ahh!” They all chorused. I couldn’t see what was so funny; I was just saying something ordinary. o was I?

I left the room and walked back down the empty corridor. It was an amazing experience, one which will stay with me for the rest of my life. Meeting Avril Lavigne was over, now for the concert.

I really enjoyed the concert, as not only was it the first one I had ever been to, but it was the concierto of someone who I was really inspired por and someone who I really looked up to. It was amazing when Avril came on stage; she entered from beneath the stage and came up through the floor! She played loads of my favourite songs, and at the end, she played an encore of Sk8er Boi. However, I was a bit disappointed because it all seemed to be over really quickly. The concierto was one hora long, but to me it had seemed like half an hour! I really liked the way that Avril made contact with the audience. She kept on saying things like: ‘’Thank tu for being there for me and for believing in me’’. It made me feel special and like she was talking to me, because I had been her fan ever since the beginning. The dancers were amazing; they were wearing black and rosado, rosa clothes, and looked really good. Overall, the Avril Lavigne concierto was a great experience and if I could do it all again, I would!