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 The Ultimate Expression of Shock
From ep 8; I don't know why I'm posting this, but oh my god I'm still laughing. xD
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Air Temple Island

Everyone (except for Asami who is working on the sato mansion) was outside of korra's bedroom waiting to see if korra is okay.

"Daddy,is korra going to be okay?",Ikki asked tenzin while sitting siguiente to jinora."Of course",Tenzin dicho trying to reassure everyone, after he dicho that three healers came out.

"Avatar Korra will be fine",one of the healers dicho as everyone sat down relived.

"What happened to her,then?",Pema asked suspicious.

"Giving so many people the bending caused a lot of pain to herself.Good thing she stopped when she did o else the consequences would have been...
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Republic city

Mako and Bolin saw Korra giving people their bending back from a distance.

"I can't believe so many people got their bending taken away from Amon",Mako dicho to Bolin while looking at his girlfriend as people bowed and thanked her.

"yeah, what I can't believe is that korra is giving all their bending back",Bolin said."

"Finally she's done",Mako dicho as he and Bolin walked to her.

"Ready to go?",Korra dicho happy that its all over.

"Yes",Mako and Bolin dicho at the same time ready to go to air temple island.

"Did tu almost forget about me,avatar",a person behind them said.

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