Alright, so this past episode we got a clips episode and seeing the position that Bryke was put in por Nick, it's understandable that they went the avenue they did. So I'm not angry for them to have made a clip episode in order to make sure that their staff would stay. What I am and angry with however is the way they executed the episode.

This isn't just the last season of The Legend of Korra. This is the last season of the entire avatar series as a whole. Alright so if tu have to make a clip episode, why don't tu include things from the original series too? Right now a lot of preguntas are being asked about the purpose of the Avatar. With the way technology is advancing and the way the nations are able to communicate with each other, is the avatar really necessary? Isn't it time for the nations to be able to govern themselves. Do they really still need a spiritual babysitter to keep the world at balance anymore?

This clip episode could have really explored that. It could have used scenes about the other avatars like Kyoshi, Roku and Aang to help Korra understand her true purpose in this world. We really haven't gotten a bonding/teaching moment between her and Tenzin, and since he no doubt know the stories of all the past Avatars he could have shown Korra just how important the avatar is. o how important it isn't. Who knows it all depends on the way they decide to end the series.

But that's the thing, after 5 más episodes, we will most likely never be seeing this world o these characters ever again. Why not have done something novel and really connected the two series, made it really feel as though these two world are one and the same. Because as of now, I have to create a distinction between them in my mind. The spirits are too different, the bending, there really seems to be no en general, general story o message like the original series had.

The last 3rd of the episode was cute, I'll admit that. But is this really what they should have put out 5 episodes form the end? It was a rotten pair of apples, I know. But this was still an entirely different avenue they could have taken, and it would have been something that would emotionally resonate. I doubt I will remember this episode 3 days from now. But a grand arching monologue about the value of the avatar, and place of her in the universe in general? Yeah I think that might have stuck a bit more, especially if we got to see characters from the original series. The way it is now, does Korra even know one thing about the avatars before Aang? Does anyone who hasn't watch the original series? How can they claim to be the same worlds when there's no spiritual bridge between them?