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avatar CHibis Dance!

Sirius Black!

The Chronicles of Avatar:Prince Zuko(for'' Avatar'' and ''Narnia fans)

avatar new ''movie'' trailer

Ever Ever After

We Are One

Through Heaven's Eyes

Zero to Hero - avatar Style

Deliver Us

Zuko Is Not One of Us

The Last Airbender Trailer

Sokka 's mother(Katara)

avatar The Last Airbender:Season 3 Series Finale Trailer High Quality

Horoscope for today~

amor the way tu lie - avatar

Azula - tic toc


avatar The Last Airbender - Watch Me

friendly seta

Avatar- the legend of korra- line test

Avatar- There! Right There!

Foaming Mouth Guy

Airplanes- avatar

Jessie Flowers' (Toph) favorito! line

avatar Parody - Zuko The Firelord

Sokka Funny Moments!!

Sokka is Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Toph Tribute

Azula Tribute - Dance With the Devil

Katara - Break the Ice

avatar - Teenage Dream

avatar Girls - Fifteen

foamy mouth guy!!!!!!

Zuko- the ángel of darkness

Introducing me

Zuko, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee's Mastercard Commercial

avatar Shorts - Can't Fight the Moonlight

Azula Mai and Tylee - Dyanmite

Forbidden amor (video)

Sokka and Suki

avatar Book 2: Comedy of Earth

Azula - Cruela de Vil

Azukka - If I Didn't Have tu

U.G.L.Y avatar version


Azula - tu drive me crazy

Katara's Kill

Avatar: The Last Airbender AMV - Who I've Been

A Little Less Sixteen Candles (Sukka)

Zutara Puppets

Aang Puppet foo!!

avatar The Last Puppetbender

Movie Azula

avatar funny Sokka and Zuko Moments

The avatardance

avatar - I Need A Hero [Zuko tribute]

avatar - Do tu Like Waffles?

avatar - Go!!!/Fighting Dreamers

avatar the last airbender-Airplanes

Avatar:The Last Airbender *MV "62 segundos of action" (Vitaliy Zavadskyy)

Azula - Run this town

avatar - Shut up and drive

Waterbender Katara tribute

Zuko's Laugh xD

avatar WRONG

avatar prelude 12/21

Zuko - Flame Champion

Toph is the real sugar baby!

Avatar;TLA ◘ Nara

It's My Life- Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar-Doo Wah Diddy-Kataang

avatar Last Airbender *Music Video (Shinedown) HQ

avatar - No día But Today

Hitler goes to see The Last Airbender movie.

What does Team avatar think of The Last Airbender?

Sokka Drives Us Bats

avatar the movie compared to the cartoon

avatar movie trailer

The Last Airbender Clip HD - Fight Scene

~Katara and Zuko - Can't stop the rain~

Azula Mai and Tylee eveacuate the dance floor

avatar break your corazón

avatar right round

más Blind Jokes from Toph

Zuko - Bet On It

I am not Toph! I am Melon Lord!

Sokka - Appa ate Momo!

avatar the last Airbender Believe

Toph Blind Jokes

A Very Special Episode of Puppetbenders

Avatar: The Last Puppet Bender (It ain't over till the plush lady sings)

Zuko is leavin'

avatar Mini-anime

Waterbending Practice

'The LastAirbender' Trailer 4 HD

avatar city

avatar young

Princess Azula: To Be A Princess

avatar AMV - The Plagues Zuko/Azula

A Girl Like Toph Amv