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 Aang and Katara
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posted by MCskittles
everyone is so pro zuko. and even though he helps aang lots of times and saves many lives. i lost most of my respect wen he kiss katara. and to tell the truth i was scared they would end up together because katara once told she would end up with a powerfull bender and zuko is pretty powerful.he even tried suducing katara por telling her sad stories about his life and getting in the way of a lighting attack from azula to save katara. what a chop... he already has a girl back inicial who throws needles at people.

the only thing i feel sorry for zuko is that his fathers a bastard and im sorry his mother disappeared.

its a good thing zuko stop being so angry all the time. he was really pising me off. i never knew what he wanted. so welcome to the light zuko.

even though aang is younge and kitara is obviously más mature, im glad they ended up together. like wow.
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