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 Azula and Ursa
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(Yes. estola the idea from Zany). And this video is por MaraJadeSharpie, who makes REALLY good AMVs. Check out her channel and stuff. Yup.
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the last airbender
fuego nation
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lol tu guys are porbably gonna kill me cuz im uploading a new fan fic when I should be continuing that other fan fic I made XDD. Well, im sorry XDD but I've actually uploaded this on my dA and I thought tu guys might like it too ^^ Sorry if later on in the story it resembles to TLOK(The Legend of Korra), I'm NOT trying to copy the story, but in fact, I was inspired por it to create this fan fic...so sorry :

Water, Earth, Fire, Air.

    Ever since I was a little girl, my grandfather would tell me stories about my ancestors, the proud people of the Water Tribes. He dicho that...
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Azul is Spanish and Portuguese for blue, possibly a reference to Azula's Firebending.
Her name may also come from the Sanskrit term Asura, a Hindu term for demon.
Azula's name was originally going to be "Zula".

In some avatar comics, her name is mispelled "Takara" instead of "Katara".
Katara's voice actor, Mae Whitman, has previously played the part as Rose in American Dragon: Jake Long.

The Southern Air Temple is the only episode in which the título screen, which denotes the chapter and book, does not have a white background (the background is the sunrise).
According to the Nick.com's website...
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