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Something that I think about and mention a lot is how Azula was raised. Namely that she was basically a human weapon for Ozai. He pretty much saw her raw talent as a kid, the potential for power, and groomed her as a war child. In doing this I think that he gave her a very warped sense of self worth among other things. For as hard as she pushes other people, I feel like she holds herself to very high-standards too; no doubt that it's because of how she was raised.

Despite her confidant bravado, I honestly I feel like Azula could be probably one of the most insecure characters on the show. Hear...
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Zuko found himself locked in another stare off with Kirah. The girl seemed ready to cave. They hadn’t spoken to each other in at least ten minutes. I

“What’s your excuse this time?” Zuko asked. “Visiting hours change again?”

“No. She’s…Tang-Shin took her to get some sort of new therapy…she should be out soon. After he’s done, I’ll check with him and see what I can do.” Kirah replied.

“Oh, so you’re going to play nice now?”

“Am I playing nice now o was I playing mean before?” She asked before pretending to fill out some paperwork.

“What’s that supposed to...
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Funny avatar Quotes:
•    “Zuko’s gone crazy! I made a sand sculpture of Suki and he destroyed it! … Oh, and he’s attaching Aang”-Sokka
•    “Yesterday my mouth tasted like mud. Now it just tastes like sand. I never thought I’d miss the taste of mud so much”-Toph
•    “Please tell me tu ae hear because the fuego lord turned out to be a big wimp and tu didn’t even need the eclipse to take him down”-Sokka
•     Aang: “But he’s still a human being…”
Zuko: “You’re going to defend...
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