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 The Promise - Character Concept Art
avatar the Last Airbender - The Promise part 01
avatar the last airbender
the promise
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5. Sokka
Mai used to be on this rank. But now I hate her so I put Sokka here XD Sokka is a really funny character. He can crack a joke even at the worst moments. Besides being funny, Sokka is pretty Valiente and fun to hang around with. I have many other reasons but I think this is enough.

 5. Sokka ♥
5. Sokka ♥

4. Toph
From the moment I saw Toph, I knew that she'd be a great character. And now, she's in my parte superior, arriba five! The thing I amor most about Toph is how she always calls Aang nicknames like 'Twinkletoes'. She even calls him that when they became grown-ups XD Toph is also strong, Valiente and funny. I know...
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There will be spoilers of parts in the episode Sozin's Comet. So I suggest tu watch that episode before lectura this.

I need to calm down. I've been upset too much in this amount of time.

What is wrong with me?

Where did that come from? I REALLY need to calm down. I'm thinking things that I can't control, like thinking about....

I'm not going to say it.

My mother.

*sigh* of course I thought it. I would be so happy, not remembering her, but the thought of her hating me..

My own mother hated me.

My own mother..

Well, it's time to get ready for my coronation.

Wait until mom sees my now! The new fire...
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the last airbender
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