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First of all, I'd like to warn anyone who doesn't like Kataang to kindly leave. Second, I would like to announce that I'M BACK, and I'll be coming back on a regular basis. So, enjoy my first story since a año an a half ago:

Aang sat on his bed, trying to read under the dim light of a single candle. He couldn’t. Not because of the dim light, but because he couldn’t stop thinking about Katara and the kiss he and she shared on the balcony of Iroh’s teashop earlier that evening. Eventually, he got frustrated and put his scroll down. He sat there, letting his mind take him away.

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5. Her Zuko impression

I honestly can't quite say why I amor this so much. Honestly I think this episode as a whole was good for Azula. This is when she finally makes the big reveal to Aang that she's Zuko's sister. And she doesn't do it in this cliche, typical, 'I am your father' kind of way. She does it in this 'yup I'm totally the younger sibling' way. And I amor it, it's hilarious. It's unique to her. And it was very good for characterization.

4. Her "I'm a pretty good liar" speech

Again I amor this because it was just so witty and funny. "I am a 400 foot tall purple platypus...
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First of all, please keep in mind that this is my own opinion and that my favorito! episodes may not be even close to yours. Anyways, enjoy the article! :)
Also, of course, there will be spoilers, so if tu have not watched the series and plan to in the future, I suggest tu don't read this until you're watched the series.

10. The Beach: I amor this episode because tu get to know más about characters like Ty Lee, Mai, and Azula. It shows tu how complex their personalities are. I also amor Li and Lo in this episode, even though they don't play a big part in it. I amor the part where they go...
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