lol they are played por the same person!!? OMG1 Azula died and became a seta in the siguiente life!
So one of my good buddies pointed out that Azula is one of my only favorito! characters that I have not written a 'Why I Like' articulo for. And I though "what the heck, why not" and decided to type it up.

I'll start off with the very basic and semi-shallow reason to like her. I think she's really pretty. Of course this is not the only reason as to why I like her and is certainly not the most prominent nor important. But I think she is simply gorgeous. The long blackish-brown hair is great and as deceiving as she. Lol, it's deceiving because it looks short when it's tied up but it really isn't. Well played Azula. I also really amor her golden eyes and the way her lips are drawn. She's just a beautifully drawn character. My inner artist loves it.

Another of them más silly reasons is because she is simply powerful. I am in amor with the fact that she can bend blue fuego rather than boring orange. Blue is my favorito! color. :P And the fact that she was able to bend lightning before it was mainstream *coughMakocough* is pretty great. To go with her power comes her bravery. She was willing to face off Aang for her father. She went up against the Avatar...that takes balls! She also went up against her uncle and brother as well as a full team avatar all at once and didn't mostrar any fear.

I also admire her smart and cunningness.She is no doubt very clever, not just one of those villains who cackles and laughs (okay that comes in later, but that's beside the point). Azula. Gets. Crap. Done. And she does it well. She doesn't have some mastermind giving her the instructions and the how-to. She is the master mind and she give the orders. Heck, she even manipulated Ty-Lee into coming with her and letting her give orders. And the best part is, when she makes a plan she also helps execute it; she doesn't just send Mai o Ty-Lee o some other lacky to do it for her. In fact Azula usually takes on the hardest part of her plan. Ya know what they say "if ya want something done right, ya gotta do it yourself." Azula definitely puts that in action.

I also really amor Azula's character because it is complex and well developed with a solid and unique back story. Azula went from this calm and calculated young woman who seemed to have it all to this crazed psychopath whom had lost everything. It was then that it was revealed that Azula is not just some brat who hurts people (and her own brother) for the thrill o just to be a jerk, but because she felt unloved and powerless. Her mother didn't seem to amor her as much and so she was left with her father who raised her in all the wrong ways. With no one to mostrar her right from wrong she was lead to hate nations less prosperous than her own. She was raised to be cold and uncaring. All she really wanted to do was prove to her father that she was worth something, that she was powerful and could carry on his legacy. And despite it all, he still pushed her to the side. Azula was left with nothing. And for that I can sympathize with her. I amor a charter I can sympathize with and feel for. Anyhoo, along with the betrayal of her only frineds she ultimately went insane.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I amor a good psychopath. Crazy characters are my favorito! characters. And because of her apparent and utter insanity, I have grown very much attached to Azula. I have paranoia issues myself so when I saw Azula displaying paranoid behavior herself I was like "Hell yeah! Similarities!" Besides that, crazy Azula is just so much fun. Very interesting to watch unfold. Very big plot twist too.

Because this articulo isn't complete without crazy Azula.

And last but not least, I simply adore Grey DeLisle (sp?). She is just so passionate about Azula. The fact that she actually called Domino's pizza pretending to be Azula, well that was just priceless! Sticker to tu Grey! Grey in general is a very amazing person I mean she even made herself an official wiki photo. She has such talent. Who would've guessed that Azula, Mandy (Grim Adventures), Frankie (Foster's Home), and Spirit seta (Korra) were all played por the same person. Grey is just an awesome voice actress period. And have tu heard her sing?! Holy crap, Azula has a great canto voice. She just has a great voice in general.