I ran, ran as fast as possible. A person, no, a monster like thing, was chasing me. Of course, being completely defenseless, I was so scared I thought I was going to die. I tripped on a rock and fell on my face. I had a before death experience, where my life flashed before my eyes. Good and bad times, they all came back to me, filling my head so full I could not think. My brain churning hard, my corazón was pounding.
    “STOP!” I shouted, and as soon as I dicho that, wind blew straight at the monster so hard, it caused it to fall over on its side.
    “Aahg,” cried the creature, and I passed out.
    When I woke up, I was at a campsite, and a kid with brown-black hair was staring at me.
    “Excuse me, what are tu doing?” I said. He was still staring at me, so I snapped in his face.
    “Oh, sorry. So, what are tu doing in these parts?”
    “What is it to you?” I dicho sternly as I got up and walked to the forest.
    “Whoa, where are tu going?” he said.
    “Somewhere away from you,” I said.
    “Katara,” he called, “the girl is leaving!” I turned around. The girl had very dark brown hair with two little braids pulled back.
    “Please do not go, I really need another girl around here. It gets so boring around here with the two boys actuación like fools,” The girl said.
    “Fine I will stay,” I said, “as long as that bisonte beast stays away from me.”
    “Oh Appa was just out of control last night. He is usually a real sweetie,” She went over and pet him. I went over and pet him too.