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Source: Autism Wristbands
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Many people seem to have an issue with the organization Autism Speaks. They believe that it makes autism out to be a burden for people who have and for family members. However, as a person who has autism herself I don't believe that's the case.
One large cause of the controversy is how the organization seeks to find a cure for autism. This exemplifies why some believe that the organization suggests that Autism is a disease, therefore displaying it in an overly-negative way. Alternatively, society appears to have an overly-optimistic view of autism. Autism is seen as a cherished gift which results...
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If the world has color,
People like me are paints and brushes.
I'm far from the norm like it's Pluto.
What is the name dado to those people?
Why crazy? We're people.
They just want to find a title
Of all libros that stand out in a shelf.
Some have imaginary companions.
Some are volcanoes erupting words and sounds.
Some just use their eyes as telescopes.
Being crazy doesn't mean being the offspring of Saden.
In this lifelong math equation,
people + crazy = people and
people + crazy also = world wide excitement.
Without those supposedly crazy,
There's no mental evolution.
Without crazy,
There's no imagination.
Without crazy,
Where's life's color?
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This is a true story. I changed the names of the people in it, but the story is same.

My little sister Kalli is autistic and non-verbal. She didn't go to school, just to daycare, and everybody there knew that she was autistic. But then she got to elementary school, and like most siblings, we were at the same one.

One night in the bus, I was in segundo grade, she got mad and threw a minor tantrum. Just crying and whining. The bus driver didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to do (she having being diagnosed not very long ago). But for me it was just Kalli throwing another tantrum. It was...
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My faith in humanity has been ruptured a bit today.. so I decided to share this.
what would tu do
Temple Grandin discusses how she thinks as an autistic person.
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