arthur y gwen Season 4 episode contest: Round 10: Vote for your LEAST favorite.

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9 fans picked:
4x06 Servant of Two Masters
4x11 The Hunter's corazón
4x05 His Father's Son
4x13 The Sword in the Stone Part 2
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 afirewiel posted hace más de un año
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afirewiel picked 4x05 His Father's Son:

Eliminated: Round 1- 4x03 The Wicked Day
Round 2- 4x04 Aithusa
Round 3- 4x10 The Herald of the New Age
Round 4- 4x07 The Secret Sharer
Round 5- 4x09 Lancelot du Lac
Round 6- 4x01 The Darkest Hour Part 1
Round 7- 4x08 Lamia
Round 8- 4x02 The Darkest Hour Part 2
Round 9- 4x12 The Sword in the Stone Part 1
posted hace más de un año.