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I blogged this on tumblr and I figured that it would make sense to post this here :)

It’s always a suprise when people say that Arwen are overrated. They may be the popular couple of Merlin, but this is not because they are the main couple of the mostrar [even though they are]. It’s what surrounds them- their chemistry, their story-line, their tension on screen. Arwen are beautiful…they are legendary…they are epic.

Where I started shipping them on Merlin proves that my amor for them is not because they are a main couple: I began shipping Arwen when they were not even a couple. When they basically had zero potential- when in fact ArMor and Merwen had más potential. It was season 1, episode 3. And trust me, no legends gave me any influence. I was not well-versed in the legends when I started watching Merlin. I had read a book aimed at younger children when I was ten and there was no trace of the LGA amor triangle. I knew something about a Lancelot/Guinevere/Arthur triangle- I had vague recognition that I had heard of it mentioned before. So why in the world would I ship a couple that is not a couple? I watched the episode twice, actually, because my corazón beat wildly when Arthur stood up for Gwen. Where he dicho something like… I don’t believe that there is evil in this girl’s heart. I usually don’t feel such passion for a pairing that is completely crack right at that moment- well to me, at least. But I did and what’s the harm in shipping them. So there began my journey with the two who would eventually become my OTP.

Why Arthur/Gwen and not Gwen/Lancelot: After watching “The Mark of Nimueh”, my interest in what this LGA amor trio was about grew. So immediately after I switched the TV off, I began to go into in depth research about the different legends. I learned about Gwenhyfar and of Guinevere. I wanted to kick my computer screen when I was lectura about Guinevere’s betrayal. I hated Arthur/Guinevere and I hate Lancelot/Guinevere even más so. The legend about Gwenhyfar that I read made me happy and I realized that there may be some hope for these two, after all. So then Lancelot came along and I was so ready to hate him. Quite the opposite happened- I fell in amor with him- who he is and what he stands for. Of course I resented his interaction with Gwen. But all in all, after watching three seasons and watching the development of Arwen, I know that they are meant to be and not Lancelot/Gwen. There are many reasons portrayed on screen. Firstly, Lancelot and Gwen happened out of the blue. As far as I’m concerned, they liked each other in season 1 episode 5, but where were the romanctic feelings present. I think Gwen cared for him and I think Lance had a crush on Gwen. But where were the romantic feelings? One episode can’t do all the work. Then came season 2, episode 4 and I was on some whirl-wind journey with these two and I was left confused. Huh? Where were the romantic feelings for their relationship to suddenly become so intense. Yes, I understand that the two of them were in a life o death situation. But it seemed like they had been together and in Lancelot and Guinevere they were old flames. In fact, l & G seemed más of an Arwen episode to me. Arthur admits his feelings for Gwen to Merlin. Arthur sees Lance & Gwen and realizes their “feelings” for each other. And his look was devastating…I cried. Lance and Gwen seemed like a crush in season 1. A very sweet crush. All of a sudden things are much más grown-up and romantic in L&G and that seemed odd to me. I could see that Lancelot was completely in amor with Gwen. And it was so sudden for him to feel so intensely about her- when did his crush change to love? And then they kissed which also seemed so sudden- wait…they have such strong romantic feelings? There was no build-up with Lance and Gwen. Whereas Arthur and Gwen had build-up. Gwen disliked Arthur. And in “The Moment of Truth” she plucked up the courage to stand up to him. And he appreciated her words. And she dicho that they all had faith in him. And then the hand-shake…they had reached an understanding. Then there was “Le Morte d’Arthur”- the season 1 finale- where Gwen plucked up the courage to sit por a mortally wounded Arthur’s bed-side and hold his hand and say that he will grow to be the man that she sees inside of him. It was tentative- not with romantic feeling yet- but there was clearly an underlying message which the writers wanted to sing out. And Arthur’s teasing of what she dicho when he was well again. He was trying to coax her out of his shy shell and to open up a bit more. Of course, the season 2 premiere comes along and they obviously are developing feelings for each other. What was hinted in the season 1 finale has become true in “The Curse of Cornelius Sigan”. And then their first kiss in “The Once and Future Queen”. I always compare this kiss to the victory kiss in “The Coming of Arthur Part II”. Their first kiss was tentative, impulsive…and they were both frightened. Of course the victory kiss was passionate, happy, and they were clearly in amor and comfortable with each other. They had feelings for each other in TOFQ, but they were not in love. I personally believe that Arthur and Gwen could be called in amor from “Changeling” [season 3, ep. 6] onwards. That’s the thing about these two- they had a real build-up. They are quite obviously the couple that is meant to be.

What Arwen does incredibly well is the fact that they can overcome their major handicap. Arthur and Guinevere of many legends [started por the French ones] are one of the most hate couples ever. I hate them. So many people hate them. Heck, any pairing that can be thought of can arguably be better than these two. Supposedly Arthur “fell in love” with Guinevere from first sight. Yeah…Totally buying that. Because they are certainly NOT in amor from what I’ve read. If you’re in amor with someone, tu so don’t run away and elope with another man. Guinevere was truly a messed up women- she ruins everyone’s opinions on women. Who knows whom she loved and whom she did not. Arthur, on the other hand, was also in amor with Morgan. Several legends portray Mordred as her child in fact, though several others say it was Morgause. But that’s not the point. The fact of the matter is that Arthur/Guinevere were perhaps the least likeable pair of the legend. So how come Arwen are liked so much. The fact of the matter is, that it first comes down to their individual characters. Gwen is strong, sweet, kind-hearted, passionate, and real. Here she is- one of the most hated woman in the legends- and she is so lovable. Because right away tu know that she is not that girl. She is at first unsure about her relationship with Arthur- especially when he has to dismiss it…knowing his father would never understand. And that’s why her kiss with Lancelot does not make her a terrible person. She believed that her relationship with the Prince would go nowhere. And she was frightened when she was being kept hostage por Hengist. Sure, in my opinion, I believe there was no real build-up for Lance and Gwen’s relationship to be so intense in that once episode, but nonetheless they DID kiss. I’m not going to deny that it did not happen, even if I think that their relationship was out of the blue. BUT still Gwen should not be dicho to have “cheated on Arthur.” HE dismissed THEIR relationship. And in Lancelot’s return in season 3, Gwen showed no feelings for Lance. She appreciated him and she likes him as a friend. But she was secure in her relationship with Arthur and Arthur was also very secure in their relationship. They are now in love, whereas in L&G they just had feelings for each other. por proving each other worthy and loyal to one another, they have won me over. Their story-line took them on a magnificent journey where they found and accepted their amor for each other. And no one can get in the way of this love.

Their scenes are breathtaking. And of course ángel and Bradley deserve a huge round of applause for that. It’s first their looks. That’s always there. Whenever their gazes meet several things happen. First, heat and tension run riot and it bounces off the screen. I can feel it as I’m watching. Second, their looks ALWAYS tell us what words cannot. Take Arthur’s glance at Gwen in “The Tears of Uther Pendragon PArt II” when things are getting very stressful for him. He looks over to her and they share a small smile of reassurance and of faith. He nods to her. Then watch when he turns to look at her in “Changeling” during his and Elena’s wedding ceremony. That look dicho más than anything. Arthur’s absolute amor and sadness and how she reciprocates those feelings- all piled into that look that passed through them. Beautiful and heartbreaking. Their scenes in general are always based in emotion and driven with amor and passion. The trono room scene in “Queen of Hearts” is a perfect representative of a terrribly emotional moment which is driven por their love. It seems everything is lost when Gwen is being dragged out por the guards- her death sentence hanging over the room. And their kiss was filled with sadness. And she is pulled out. But then Arthur says the one line, that I personally think, changed the entire scene. I will always amor you. Suddenly this scene is not about sorrow…sadness…and loss. It’s about the strength of amor and how it can conquer everything. That line speaks not of the past, but of the future. Their amor is everlasting- eternal. They can never be pulled apart no matter what happens.

Arthur and Gwen have proved to be a couple whose amor will last centuries. The thing about Arthur and Gwen is that they don’t amor too quickly as Arthur/Guinevere can sometimes be portrayed as doing. In many legends, Arthur is portrayed as being attracted to Guinevere por her beauty. They can’t see past this facade of perfection and in many ways their relationship is therefore very rooted in appearance. Arthur and Gwen, on the other hand, have a amor that sees way past appearance. They are a much más wiser love- two people who make each other. Who can argue for what they believe in and stand up to the other. Gwen loves Arthur for who he is and what he stands for. Arthur loves Gwen because he sees the pure light in her and her undying strength. Their amor is based on what they see in each other and how they can improve one another. They compliment each other. And that factor will allow their own amor to last forever. They are each other’s soul…they are eternal in their love.

Arthur and Gwen are truly the Once and Future King & Queen. There is no doubt about it that these two have proved to be worthy of this title. They are the real Arthur and Guinevere because they are truly in amor with one another. They are beautiful, they are legendary, and epic. But they are also a very relatable relationship- they had build-up which eventually called for their admittance of their feelings which eventually turned into their great amor for one another. And I do not speak as an Arthur/Guinevere fan, for as I dicho before- I hate them in many legends. Arwen made me realize that a legend is a legend. Arwen are not Arthur/Guinevere that so many know of- they are their own. And that’s why they are my OTP and the popular couple of Merlin.
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