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Fan fiction by Queen_Of_Ithaca posted hace más de un año
fan of it?
tu are walking por yourself to the Prancing poni, pony when someone bumps into you. tu twisted your ankle and fell, the fall was much harder than tu thought it would be. A strong hand assists you. tu take it and look into the eyes of the stranger. "Do tu need help walking?" he asks. "Yes. Would tu mind helping me?" He puts an arm around your waist and takes tu to the inn.
When tu get there he rests tu in a chair and elevates your leg. "Is it broken?" tu ask, a little nervous that a stranger is helping you. "No, but maybe sprained." He puts some cloth on your ankle and tightens it for support. "Do tu want to lie down?" he asks. "Yes. I think that that would help."
He carries to a room and lies tu down. He starts to leave, and tu tell him thanks you. He smiles at tu and continues his way downstairs.
tu woke up after a night of heavy sleeping. tu try to move, but your ankle is so stiff that tu can't. tu think about the stranger that helped tu last night and wonder if he is still here. As if to answer your thoughts, he enters in your room. "How did tu sleep?" he asks. "Very well." tu tell him, streching. "Good, maybe I can get tu to your inicial sooner...