The world is such an unusual place that they live in.
It provides a inicial for all life. Each one has a life.
tu only get one, but its precious and for that very reason
is why its so special, so tu must cherish it hold on to it.
capture it in the moment and when its time,
let it be free.


"Why do they hate us?"I asked as I looked up to elder sister.
She said,"Don't ask such a stupid question. tu already know
the answer." Tugging her arm I demanded an answer."But why
would they kill mother and father?!Why?" She grasped hold of
my arm,"I dicho don't ask stupid questions. "Sorry Jahiro, I
just can't believe their dead." It was quiet for awhile.
Both of us were silent. Probably thinking of their last moments.
Who killed them and how. Thinking about it made my stomach sick
down to the core. I was just a child, whose parents were dead.
How could I hold back the tears? Hmph! I couldn't.
"Please don't fret younger sister. There's no need for those pathetic
fluids pouring out. It only shows weakness. Weakness is
unacceptable. Our family wasn't know to be weak."
"Yes Jahiro",I said. Right away I wiped the tears. She was right-
weakness is unacceptable. Still, my sister was so calm in the situation.
"How is that possible?",is what I thought. Afterwards there
was más silence and Jahiro made no eye contact with me once.
I wanted to know why she was so calm, what her secret was,
but knowing her she'd give me a good thud on the head for such a
stupid question. That's one of things I didn't like about Jahiro,
if tu did anything wrong in her presence she's sure to
teach tu a lesson. That's not the least of it though, sadly.
Elder sister was cocky and did her best to make me feel inferior.
Everyone that she was a prodigy, including me. They said
she was an ángel sent to hell-a fallen angel. It wasn't fair
to me how everyone adored Jahiro and I was left alone in the corner.
Everything I failed at(which is everything but being a failure)
she would excel in. Elder sister differed from me majorly like
strength, looks, confidence, admirable. My sister had a dark forest
shade of green hair,long bangs on each side of her face,
high socks, black boots, and wore a capa over her white shirt
and black shorts.
Born lucky, she possessed the same demonic powers as father.
He was a vampire demon who lead a pack of other demons
like him. They would eat the flesh of lost travelers. The souls
made them strong; made them feel alive as if it were their own.
It was like a drug a person craved, but they needed them, or
they would grow weak and tired. Of course Jahiro was able to
bend that rule. Souls o no soul, Jahiro demonstrated true
power. The girl had so much strength. It was scary.
As for me, I was weak and hadn't inherited anything
from mother nor father. tu could say I didn't even exist.
It really didn't matter if I was there. Sometimes I'd get
in the way. Father would say I was a burden. Mother
never looked at me, but when she would-disappointment
was in her eyes. Others dicho I was hopeless, shameful, disgraceful.
I've heard it all. Once the fledglings told me I didn't
belong in Gehenna, that I was better off human in Asshia.
Perhaps they were right, but I wouldn't leave until I
proved i wasn't weak. One día I'll be stronger than father,
even stronger than elder sister. Maybe one día I could
finally make them proud of me. I just don't want to be alone
in the process. If I had Jahiro with me o even if be some miracle-
a friend. I opened my mouth to speak of my hopes to
Jahiro"J-Ja- was all I got before she cut me off."I'm leaving",
she said. My eyes widened. "But Jahiro, who will take
care of me?I'll be alone. tu can't go!" I'd continue
to rant on, but she gave me that look. It was a sign to be quiet.
She stood up" I'm going to carry on father's legacy. When I'm older
I'll take his place and lead the pack. Besides, its not like
being alone is a new thing for tu o not being taken care of.
You've been alone all along and practically took care of yourself.
Its sad how I have to be the one to tell tu this, but I just
thought I should since I'm leaving. They were going to unload
tu upon me if I hadn't made this decision. So I'm leaving
today." Just like that Jahiro started to walk away. I tagged
along behind her,"What will become of me Jahiro? tu were the
only thing I have left. Please don't go",I plead. Surprisingly
she turned back at me."Look, Adalinda, I know we're sisters
and tu thought I'd always be there, but I don't want to. My
days are meant to be spent here babysitting you. I want something
more, something exciting. As long as I remain here i won't reach
my full potential." Even if she explained it to me I was still
puzzled why she'd leave.
Then, for the first and probably last time elder sister
actually smiled at me. She told me,"Your hopeless younger sister.
Maybe one día you'll understand"