anime Who is your anime hubby? [add own]

Pick one:
Ikuto Tsukiyomi
Zero Kiryuu
Sasuke Uchiha
Added by Sasukes_Gurl
Edward Elric
Added by zanhar1
Added by inuyasha15
Francis Bonnefoy
Added by pumpkinqueen
Uryuu Ishida
Added by gkazeuishida
Lelouch (Code Geass)
Added by cheese2cute
grell (black butler
Added by namigollgaara
Claire Stanfield
Added by XyuriX
I Have Many anime Hubbies
Added by red_rosa
Zelgadis(the slayers)
Added by cmixoops
Hideyoshi Kinoshita
Added by torixyz
Masaomi Kida
Added by rikku_chan
L. Lawliet
Added by LovableXNerd
Mello (Death Note)
Added by IllusionDolls
Erwin Smith
Added by PureHeroine
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