anime Out of my parte superior, arriba 10 lowest rated anime, which one is worst critically speaking?

Pick one:
1. Bludgeoning á ngel Dokuro- chan(So bad that I...
1.Bludgeoning ángel Dokuro-chan(So bad that I actually dropped it)
2.Diabolik enamorados More,Blood(Characters:1 Story:1 Presentation:6.8 Overall:1.7)
3.Diabolik Lovers(Characters:2.1 Story:1 Presentation:5.1 Overall:2.2)
4.Elfen Lied(Characters:2.1 Story:1.5 Presentation:7.9 Overall:2.7)
5.Sailor Moon(Characters:2.8 Story:3.2 Presentation:4.4 Overall:3.1)
6.Black Butler 2(Characters:3.2 Story:4 Presentation:10 Overall:4.4)
7.Hack//Sign(Characters:4.2 Story:2.1 Presentation:4.8 Overall:4)
8.Second half of SAO(Characters:4.8 Story:2.1 Presentation:10 Overall:4.2)
9.Akame ga Kill(Characters:4.7 Story:3.1 Presentation:8.9 Overall:4.4)
10.Kaze no Stigma(Characters:3.2 Story:6.2 Presentation:5 Overall:4.7)
I don&# 39; t find any of these critically bad
I don't find any of these critically bad
I haven&# 39; t seen any of these
I haven't seen any of these
 Peaceful_Critic posted hace más de un año
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