anime your anime crush? (feel free to add any!) (this pregunta is for both girls and boys) (PLEASE PUT THE ANIME'S CHARACTER'S REAL NAME NO NICKNAMES PLEASE !!)

Pick one:
ryuzaki lawliet
natsu dragneel
Akise Aru
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Usui Takumi
Added by black10
Alois Trancy ~
Added by lumforever
America! o is it Alfred F. Jones
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Alphonse Elric
Added by ling12
Sasuke Uchiha
Added by saranghae0_0
Edward Elric
Added by Simmeh
Maya Natsume
Added by raikagebee
Mihael Keehl
Added by ixAthena
Hajime Hinata
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Rika Shiguma
Added by rodney141
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