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 Kuroko Tetsuya
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kuroko tetsuya
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This anime foto might contain animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

posted by ginei_werewolf
 Moka and inner Moka the other are in the backround
Moka and inner Moka the other are in the backround
Categories hare, echii, supernatural


Rosario + vampire is a anime/manga about a young boy name Tsukune Aono. His dad picked a flier for a private school only one problem this was a shool for monsters. However at the time his parents did not know this and because Tsukune failed another año of private school (low grades) they foolishly enroll him in the academy. He chooses to stay because he meets a beautiful girl named akashiya moka ( she is a vampire). Along the way he makes a ton of friends (mostly girls who want to be his amor slaves) which really messes with him. This anime/manga is...
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posted by ginei_werewolf
anime 17+

manga 15+

category harem

Girls bravo is a anime about a boy name Yukinari. All of Yukinari's life he was bullied por girls and thus developed a allergic reaction to them(touch).
The story begins when Yukinari walks in on his friend taking a bath. She punches Yukinari and he lands in the bathtub. When he fell in the bathtub he ended up on the planet of Seiren (a planet in which is populated 90% por girls) There he meets the one girl that doesn't trigger his allergy. The girl (Miharu) then tries to helps him return, however joins him in the process.

anime length 24 episodes (11 first season 13 segundo season)

manga 60+ chapter i forgot exact amount

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Source: Crunchyroll
posted by johnnygondo
Have tu ever watched a mostrar for the first time and thought it sucked... and then had a change of corazón and decided to give that mostrar a segundo chance? I've had that happen with me at least two times. The first was with Hetalia, and in the case of that piece of worthless dog-shit, a segundo viewing only made me pregunta why that series has a fanbase even more.

The segundo mostrar I gave a segundo chance was a mostrar that I "fondly" remember watching as a kid (and I use the term "fondly" loosely in this case). It is a mostrar that belongs to a franchise that I hold very dear.

That mostrar is link.

Allow me to...
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special a
black cat
maid sama
fairy tail
junjou romantica
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ángel beats
ángel with a shotgun
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