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 Ahri <3
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comon u know u want her ^^
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This anime foto contains animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

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hola this is my first very own article, so please tell me what tu think of it.

My name is..Tendo Dark. I come from a generation of people called The Dark Generation(TDG), we are also known as the Pearl Hunters. What is that tu ask? Well we hunt pearls, no not sea pearls, but pearls that give tu clues about our generation. How did I become one, o even knew what one was? Well it starts out of when im living on the streets. I was six and and a half when i was living on the streets.

As I was sitting there watching the people pass by, thinking to myself if I would ever be noticed and that someone...
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one piece
ai no exorcist
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okay so lately I have been looking through some anime fan memes and one of the más popular memes is that once an anime character is hurt they appear hotter . At first I was questioning the intelligence of some people , but after watching an episode in Full Metal Alchemist where Ed is badly injured he actually did look much cuter 0-o . Then I watch in episode in D-Gray Man when Allen's in the Asia branch and his innocence is destroyed and he actually appeared hotter that way even if he is in pain . Has anyone else noticed this o is it just me ? I believe that some anime characters seem hotter...
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