Yuru Yuri is a anime comedy show. This review is about if the mostrar is worth checking out.

The Plot:

The mostrar is about both the Amusement Club and the Student Council. Both groups have eccentric middle school girls. Kyoko is the Amusement Club's leader who gets both clubes into silly, but fun adventures. Several of the girls have crushes on other girls, but it becomes chaotic in comedic ways.

The plot of the mostrar is really good. The mostrar may seem mundane, because it's about a bunch of kids hanging out, but there's so much más going on than that. The mostrar has creative and unique humor that's well done. The romance is meant for comedy, but it's also cute.

The Characters:

The best thing in the mostrar is the characters. Nearly all of the main and supporting girls are interesting, cute, and funny. Kyoko is the most entertaining and funny anime girl ever, Yui's a good voice of reason, Chinatsu's cute, Akari's amusing, Ayano's cool, and Rise and Nana are scene stealing recurring characters. This mostrar has más good girl characters than most if not all shows.

The Animation:

The show's animación is good. The characters are cute and have cool looking hair.

The Theme Songs:

The theme songs are catchy. My favorito! is the segundo season theme song. The segundo season theme song is 1 of the best edited and catchiest theme songs ever.


Yuru Yuri is a delightfully cute and fun mostrar that has some of the best anime girls ever. This mostrar is totally worth checking out.