castillo in the Sky is a Studio Ghibli film. It was directed por Hayo Miyazaki. This review is about wether o not the film is worth checking out.

The Plot:

Sheeta is a young girl. She meets a young guy named Pazu. Pazu helps Sheeta, because Sheeta is being chased por a villainous colonel and some pirates. However the colonel gets Sheeta. Because of this Pazu decides to become allies with the pirates. The pirates turn out to not be as villainous as they seemed to be so it's up to Pazu, Sheeta, and the pirates to stop the colonel.

castillo in the Sky is más action packed than most if not all Studio Ghibli films. Because of that it's más exciting than other Studio Ghibli films. However the charm of Studio Ghibli isn't their excitement. Studio Ghibli's charm is their greatly written films. This film is nicely written in some areas. The colonel's backstory and plan are goodly written and somewhat exciting. The rest of the storylines aren't good, but that's because of the characters.

The Characters:

Hayo Miyazaki never manages to make interesting kid characters and this film proves that. Sheeta is very important to the villain's plan, but all she really does is get captured. All Pazu really does is save Sheeta. In other words Sheeta's a girl in distress and Pazu's a generic hero. Dola's storyline is boring although her husband and sons are amusing. Colonel Muska is my favorito! character, because he's a interesting and cool villain.


As usual for Studio Ghibli the animación is good. Not as beautiful as some other films, but it's a nice looking film. Even though Sheeta's a bland character her costume is cool. The colonel also has a cool costume.


The film has a interesting villain and good animation, but the boring heroes stop this film from being great. This film isn't bad, but it's not as great as other Studio Ghibli films.