So in this lista I'll be giving my favorito! romances where they try to focus as much as they can on the actual connection between two people over everything else they probably have going on in the anime To further clarify I do need to say that these are my favoritos not the "best" overall, and I am mostly judging on how the actual romance aspect appealed to me.

and I'm also including some anime suggestions with each anime in case tu already watched it o are just anime-hunting at the moment

{Number 12} Kimi Ni Todoke

There's a charm to how innocent this anime is. It has a simple style and slow pace to mostrar tu a romance between a shy girl and a popular boy without any drama relying on mean spirited gimmicks o crude jokes. The romance itself has a way of taking baby steps towards how close the mains get since it takes 2 seasons for them to finally be together and be happy. But I like that about this show. The small steps are so cute as they get to know each other The pace is slow so if tu like quicker tight written shows I can't recommend it but if tu want something cute and innocent I think you'll enjoy this.

{also try}
One week friends

Also has a slow pace to the romance and atmosphere with a simple moe-ish artstyle. There's also very innocent. But no they don't get together in the end despite it being pretty obvious that one of them has feelings other than friendship for the other.

{Number 11} Plastic Memories

This mostrar has is sad romance. It doesn't try to hide it as the situation is established in the beginning what the tragic outcome of this relationship will be. So that pushes some urgency on their relationship since Isla keeps her distance while Tsukasa is trying to get closer to her precisely because she knows that they won't have a future together. This mostrar is also quite innocent since there are no ulterior motives to the relationship which is appreciated since it would ruin the effect they were going for if they made it a fanservicefest. Instead the dilemma in the relationship is both wanting to be part of someone's life even if that time won't be much and almost gone in an instant. It's a very bittersweet relationship to see and I enjoyed it a lot. So if tissues are standard issue in your romance survival pack this one is a good pick.

{also try}

Slight outside "normal influences" affects this relationship while also having a similar tone. Not a sad anime but I feel like it's a good match in terms of soft colors, pace, and characters.

{Number 10} Bokura wa minna Kawaiisou

The relationship in this anime is an organic one. Boy meets girl, girl doesn't know he exists, and he tries to get closer to her. I appreciate how realistic this relationship is. There's very little contrived to force this pair together. There is the "HEY guess who lives together?!" but other than that there's a very realistic effort that both characters put toward learning más about each other to become closer. They have very different likes and dislikes but still try to learn más about things not in their area of interest because their interest in each other is genuine and having to put a little work to make the relationship work is no problem. It helps that the main couple is comprised of the two cutest cinnamon rolls to walk the earth.

{also try}
Engaged to the identified

This one also has a soft male-female lead who despite being in a situation where they are going to be close to one another, have to work a bit to learn más about each other. Though the point between "who are you??" and "I amor you" is a little too quick it's actually refreshing to see a quieter male lead as the romantic interest.

{Number 9} Ao Haru Ride

This is a "falling back into love" relationship. Two people who were once in amor and after a short separation meet again as different people but still manage to fall in amor again. This is something that I appreciate that the anime did is have the characters try to understand the differences to who they were and who they now are. por accepting this the characters relationship is better for it since they have to accept not only the rosy memories but some harsh realities in the person they love, working through the pain they faced to find the amor they still have for each other. Not only does this work as couple glue but as a personal journey to accept who they've become. Both have to accept who they are and what they want to be to mover forward.The chemistry is also a balance of cute and dramatic, making this a great slice of life drama.

{also try}
Honey and clover

Also has a soft color palette, drama, and quietly complicated relationships. The only reason this one isn't on the lista is that honestly the romance portion seemed not terribly important to me compared to the personal developments the characters were taking. But every main character does have some romance related issue and their personal journeys are actually compelling and relatable.

{Number 8} Special A

In the tradition of high schools with fun setups comes a relationship built on respect. The Hakusen academy is a school división, split into sections based on kids en general, general grades. The parte superior, arriba 7 are dado utmost privileges and basically participate in hijinks all day. Enter Kei and Hikari, the parte superior, arriba 2 who have been rivals since childhood. Hikari is always trying to beat Kei who is basically a born prodigy and excels at everything, but she won't let this stop her from taking the number one spot. I really like this relationship since despite never winning, Hikari has Kei's respect. He may joke about her never beating him but never in a belittling way, the anime brings up multiple times the admiration he has for her hard working ways and determination. It's never makes fun of her, taking her seriously and head on whenever she makes a challenge to him. As a couple they are treated as equal rivals. The anime is also really funny, and plays the dating game with all the side characters. There are big changes from the manga but I don't mind them since they lead to the exact same conclusions. I really wish there were a segundo season, but alas T^T

{also try}
Ouran highschool host club

If your looking for colorful romance comedy with a cast that basically does whatever the heck they want (gotta amor anime school systems).

{Number 7} Skip Beat

This relationship is also one based on respect... maybe a little too much respect. Kyoko is a girl who has sworn off amor after being betrayed por Shotaro, her childhood crush, and instead of falling apart the betrayal led her conclusion to get revenge on him por beating him at his own game, the showbiz. Her relationship to Ren Tsuruga is a rocky one because while there seems to be no real reason to hate each other they start off still not liking each other. This actually through a clash of values since Ren is not terribly happy at actuación being used as an instrument for revenge. After the rocky start though there's a respect for each other and a curiosity. It's so cute to see how happy a new discovery of the other person seems to make them and they work so well together. However despite this they don't make much progress towards being together romantically due to some core problems with even admitting that their respect for each other could lead to something more. Kyoko herself is más concerned with revenge and learning más about who she is as a person, swearing off amor since her own experience left her with a amargo, amargos taste. Ren on the other hand doesn't even really understand amor to begin with, all of his gentleman tendencies making him believe that any tenderness he holds for her can be held due to respect, o their history together o some third reason. There's a muro that holds back this relationship from going far but tu still enjoy their interactions and hope that maybe both of them can finally be together.

{also try}
The Wallflower

For an unorthodox female lead who comes to rather drastic conclusions to ensure she stays true to herself. There's really no romance despite being labeled a reverse harem (2/4 guys have their own amor interests, 2/4 never really look at her romantically for the most part) but goomies if I didn't laugh my head off.

{Number 6} Chuunibyou

This couple plays out like a comedic duo with Yuuta always having to play the straight man because Rika's tendency to run away with her delusions of grandeur. It makes me happy seeing these two together. They're so cute together and work off each other great. Since Yuuta knows what Chuunibyou disease is like he's más understanding of Rika and has más patience for her which is very cute to see since it makes the relationship very caring. Rika looks up to Yuuta and Yuuta finds her endearing(very tiring but endearing). There's also a great sense of trust from the get go which really shows when the mostrar gets dramatic and reveals más about Rika to Yuuta and its so heartwarming to see that Yuuta plans of being there for her. I also have a sort of respect for how this romance played out in the intimacy level. People constantly push them to go farther and farther even when it's obvious they don't really want to. So the conclusion of "forget them let's go at our own pace" was very refreshing, and showed how solid their relationship was since they came to conclusion in their cute unique way. Cute, funny, respectful, dramatic, this anime seems to hit so many points and i amor it.

{also try}
Ano Natsu de Matteru

There's also a very odd dynamic but still based on being there for each other no matter what.

{Number 5} Chihayafuru

The romance is one that relies on amor triángulo, triángulo de drama. It works out great though since all the characters are likable and have great chemistry. All three have a solid foundation relationship in friendship and it actually hurts tu personally to see that someone is going to get hurt whatever the conclusion. This anime is so difficult to say why it's so great since it's both simple but so well done in terms of characters and their dynamics to each other. Each character's relationship with anyone is so developed that tu feel attached to every character and every relationship, there's a weight to it in a sense since it's so easy to feel for Chihaya's respect and admiration for Arata, Arata's affection for the Chihaya as the first one to accept him, and Taichi's long enduring amor for Chihaya despite knowing how she feels for Arata. They all want to be friends but there's also a desire for maybe more.

{also try}
Honey and clover

a little más maturely handled than other romance anime, has great character dynamics with beautiful soft colored art.

{Number 4} Ore Monogatari

This is a fluff relationship. that is all. cute situations with cute characters, over the cutest dilemmas. It's really fun to see an anime that deals with the relationship after they are officially in a relationship since it's only a few episodes before they get together. Not many stories in any medium likes to deal with a couple who is ALREADY together. It helps that both of the characters are really likable and have a genuine affection for each other that anyone can see. It's hard not to have a stupid smile on your face while watching them.

{also try}
Kimi ni todoke

The innocence is also strong in this series but not actively used for fluff moments.

{Number 3} Inu x Boku ss

This relationship is kind of sad in a sense. Both Ririchiyo and Miketsukami are people who don't have high self esteems, to the point where Miketsukami doesn't really care about himself and Ririchiyo developed a harsh tongue to protect herself. But together there's a sense of security. Mikestukami is determined to be there for Ririchiyo as she is the only one he loves más than anything and Ririchiyo has to slowly accept this overly devoted person as someone who understands her better than anyone. She starts to be kind to him in return and their relationship grows.

{also try}
Kamisama Kiss

romance with supernatural elements, zorro, fox dude

Earl and Fairy

supernatural elements, a girl distrustful of a flamboyant male lead who looks like he actually loves her

{Number 2} Otome Yokai Zakuro

Something really different about this "don't like tu but then we'll end up together" is that what sets up the conflict is actually a mixture of fear and prejudice. Zakuro is the child of a woman who was spirited away making her a yokai, beings who are monsters to society. However there is a tiny effort to try to accept Zakuro and the other girls, but only really because the government needs someone to defeat the evil yokai. Enter Agemaki her fighting partner who actually has a phobia of yokai not making him her favorito! human. The rift is actually a very serious one and the progression where both can finally accept each other and change was pretty great. There are also other couples with cute dynamics and I feel like if you'll find at least one couple who suits your taste.

{also try}
Kaichou wa maid sama

SImilar art style with blonde boy/brunette not really liking each other and learning más about each other

Akatsuki no Yona

also takes place in historical settings, with the main couple talking to each other since there needs to be some serious change in them if they want to survive in their circumstances.

{Number 1} Arakawa under the bridge

This is a romantic comedy at it's finest. wacky unrealistic situation to get them together and wacky situations to advance the relationship. There's such a great dynamic to Nino and Recruit since they seem to be opposites, Nino is calm and free while Recruit is loud and obsessed with not being indebted to anyone, yet neither of them know anything at all about how to actually be in a relationship leading to some hilarious attempts at dates. The surprising thing about this anime is actually how well done the romance is to the point where there are touching developments that actually change the characters as they. It's an equal relationship since it's not only recruit who learns to accept love. Nino starts to feel that maybe Recruit is más than just a friend, which sounds weird because she's the one who makes him her boyfriend but at first she seems to only be as nice as she would be to anyone, only for her affection to grow into something more.

{also try}
Kyoukai no Rinne

Romantic comedy that starts off with a slightly odd meeting. The relationship in this one is más vague since it seems like RInne might like the girl a bit más than a friend but she just never really notices and even then it's not up front whether he likes her romantically o just as someone important to him.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun

wacky sense of humor based on odd couple relationships. though it doesn't seem like the poor girl will get anywhere with her dense crush.

What are some of your favorito! romance anime?